Cool beans, Cool jeans.

So I was reading plurk the other day…and came accross the usual, “anybody know where I can find good jeans?” I love these kinds of plurks because I always learn about stores that I may have not known of, or known of and never been too, etc. Also I wanted new jeans! Someone mentioned Nyte&Day,Continue reading “Cool beans, Cool jeans.”

New Stuff at Dark Mouse Jewelry!

Oh HAI! I have a smallish new release for ya all. A bit on the casual side, but VERY wearable. Which I like sometimes, stuff I can wear everyday. I have a set of new belts – metal leather belts – AND – if you stop by my shop late Saturday night after 10 p.m.Continue reading “New Stuff at Dark Mouse Jewelry!”

The more things change, the more they stay the same

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about SL and the future. I’m not sure I’m entirely jazzed about the apparent direction of things. I hear all the same rumors that everyone does, I read the blog posts by M.Linden and T.Linden. I guess I’m an oldbie now. Overly reminiscent about the past, pessimistic about theContinue reading “The more things change, the more they stay the same”

Sometimes, Simple is best.

So Lizzie introduced me to Alirium Gardens a while ago, and I have since that time pretty much bought up all the trees and grasses in the place. I lurve it. I decided to take pics there of a dress I picked up at a charming little store called Lark yesterday which I find toContinue reading “Sometimes, Simple is best.”

Starting off the New Year – 60L Sundays!

So as we roll into the new year, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the way that I’ve been doing stuff in SL and feel the need to shake things up and challenge myself a bit more. The start of that is of course, new and better hair for my store. I haveContinue reading “Starting off the New Year – 60L Sundays!”