three things…

So I decided to take on Sam’s challenge to highlight the three things in my inventory that I wear all the time, and could not live without. The most important thing that I wear on a daily basis is the one thing that you cannot see – my mystitool. It’s an all purpose tool that allows me to see who is around me (radar) scan my sim to see who’s in it, tphome people who shouldn’t be in it, rez a sky platform to build on it the middle of no where and a multitude of other uses too numerous to describe. And it doesn’t show. LOL. Sorry Sam. The second thing that I wear most that I think I cannot do without is very, very new. I have a lot of skins in my inventory….a lot. But lately, I’m drawn to always wear my new Curio skins, the Elf line. I feel like it represents how I see my avatar most. The other thing I like most about this skin is that it looks different on everyone. It’s one of those skins that lends it self to your shape, vs. the other way around. And finally I took a hard look at my inventory and realized that the thing I wear most, and always seems to work with everything are my J’s ankle boots. I think because they are something I wear in RL often too. Sometimes for me if I need to dress up jeans or whatever, I put on my boots. They always make me feel confident, taller and striking. I don’t know if other people feel that way about boots but I do! I think this is one of the ways the personality comes through the av. So this whole look is sort of about me in RL, how I see myself, when I take the time, or put in effort LOL. I favor blacks and browns, comfortable fabrics – I hate itchy anything. Though I make dramatic jewelry in SL, I typically wear understated jewelry in RL. Usually gold. So I chose my peace on earth set in gold, something I wear a lot. Anywho this whole outfit started with three things that I could not live without. I’ve paired them with my cupcakes jeans, a new jacket I picked up from NINKO not too long ago. A lovely tank under it all that I favor a great deal. The hair is, which I admire not only from a technical building stand point, but from a sqweeeee, love it standpoint. From an RL me perspective, it’s also pretty much how I wear my hair, which is pulled back in a ponytail, usually flat ironed, etc….. And there you have it, my three things. Thanks Sam for the challenge!

Outfit Credits

Hair – Cameron (Timid Brown) –

Skin – Petal Light Elf Pure 1 – Curio

Eyes – Fairy Hansel Bright – Poetic Color Eyes

Jewelry – Peace on Earth (Gold) – Dark Mouse

Tank Top – Camisole (Indigo Blue) – Rhapsody

Pants – Basic Denim (Brown) – Cupcakes

Jacket – Jacket Open – Grey – NINKO

Boots – Ankle Boots – J’s>

Poses – A variety from – Lap


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