Dark Mouse Renewed & The best garden furniture EVER!

Hi there all – if you follow me on plurk at all, you’d know that about 2 weeks ago I COMPLETELY lost my mind and decided I HAD to rebuild my store. I’d lost my mojo, and felt well – a bit lack luster about SL. Happens to all of us heh? Well I feel much better thank you LOL now that my store is completely done. I’m pretty jazzed about it. To celebrate I’ve put new and cool gifties in the Pic’s Rewards Board AND I’ve set out a little FREE gifty for EVERYONE in the world, not just my group members. Please stop by the new store, here’s a link to teleport! In addition to this, I wanted to share a new table set I’ve put out in the courtyard of my new store. It’s a lovely “Vineyard Table & Chairs” set from a great new shop called, Ragazza Pazza. Just look at the textures on this set it’s gorgeous! It also features tons of poses on the seats – and comes in red, white, green and natural wood. While the store currently has a small selection, based on the quality of this set I think we can expect great things. You’ll find the Ragazza Pazza store inworld – here’s the slurl.


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