Where o’ where could my mojo be?

So I’ve been in the doldrums where nothing moves for days now. No wind in the sails, if you know what I mean. Lost my mojo as it were. I have a gadzillion good ideas and a gadzillion reasons in my head that tell me that they all suck. Or I have an idea and can’t think how to execute. Or I distracted by some other idea. Good god. I don’t feel inspired to do anything. I’m even feelilng a bit meh about shopping…..I need a big sale or something to bring me back from the edge. Maybe that’s what SL needs; a good bring SL back from the edge sale where everyone puts all their stuff for a bargain! YAY. I feel better already with my imaginary sale LOL. Anywho enough about me. Recent shopping trips have yielded the lovely hair from fri.day (SALE), the skin from LAQ, the lovely little cordoroy nothing skirt from Kyoot. I paired it all with the baggy socks from Mischief which I find to be absolutely adorkable. The top is from Surf Couture and I simply adore it. My Miel Ant flats will keep my feeties warm and I’ve accessorized with my own Shell Necklace set and Hip Hugger belt. Go forth and shop.

Outfit Credits

Hair – Leigh (Timid Brown) – fri.day

Skin – ~ Ania7 [Fair] Glow – LAQ

Eyes – Fairy Hansel Bright – Poetic Color Eyes

Jewelry – Shell Flower Set (Gold) – Dark Mouse

Sweater Top – Kettlecorn Cardigan – Surf Couture

Skirt – Cordoroy Mini (Nutty) – Kyoot

Belt – Leather Hip Hugger (Brown) – Dark Mouse

Leggings – Dark Brown Calf Leggings – Soxie

Socks – Baggy Socks (Oceans) – Mischief Fashions

Shoes – Ant Flats – Miel

Poses – A variety from – Lap


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