I’m in such a dress up mood of late – it must be the holidays. I felt like showing off my new ‘Twisted’ set and the lovely dress I found at Celestial Studios at 50% off (ends December 4 people!) fit the bill. The twisted set is one of those delightful accidents. I was fooling around with my Xoph Beadrez with some links and did a little twist and OMG. Okay yes, I’m the only nerd in the world who ‘fools around with her Beadrez.’ Yes such an exciting designer’s life for me! But I was totally looking to do something else and when I saw the result I thought, that’s a lovely thing. At the time I was considering size of jewelry in SL. You may have noticed that my pieces are getting a wee bit larger in size overall. I’m focusing on the fact that most jewelry is not noticeable from a distance. I think I prefer that my jewelry be noticeable, don’t you? I used to make the most delicate little pieces – that would vanish the second you cam out. I like to be crazy with my designs – as in I love experimenting and seeing happy accidents, but also try to bow to the reality of the camera. So my whole outfit is about dressing up and big jewelry. I chose the red stilettos from, In Her Shoes, just to create some happy contrast. The skin is well, the newest love of my life (yes, I’m a fickle bitch, okay?). I headed to Laquoki at Lizzie’s suggestion the other night to check out the skins and OMFG. I tried on Ania and I seriously want to fall down and kiss Mallory Cowen’s feet. This is the most nearly perfect skin I have ever seen. The only way to make this more perfect for me personally would be to see it with freckles. The price is unbelievable. $1990L for the fatpack? Well that was a no brainer, ca-ching. I loved it instantly on my Av’s shape and didn’t make any changes – another huge plus for me. I chose the lightest tone, but could have gone for the peach tone. For this particular look I chose tone 3 – so the red lipstick would pick up the red in my shoes. Red nail polish of course. Here I’m wearing my Twisted set in Silver, although I suppose I could have gone with the gold too. I chose my cuban heel stockings from Number 9 in cream to alleviate the black and my own Cyntra hair just because it’s fun going out hair. And there you go – a totally twisted outfit.

Outfit Credits

Hair – Cyntra (Pale Black) – Dark Mouse

Skin – ~ Ania3 [Fair] Glow – LAQ

Eyes – Fairy Hansel Bright – Poetic Color Eyes

Jewelry – Twisted Set (Silver) – Dark Mouse

Dress – Maureen Dress Onyx – Celestial Studios

Stockings – Cuban Heel Pantyhose II *cream30 blackseam* – No.9 Nylons

Shoes – Stiletto (Red) – In Her Shoes

Poses – A variety from – Lap


2 thoughts on “Twisted

  1. thank you! it’s making me really happy. Course now I’m wondering how to get ms. cowan to make freckles. Full fledged freckle stalking, I’m thinking.

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