aspen frame of mind

I would like to start this post by saying, I am completely goofing off here. I got to thinking about Lizzie’s most recent post on Virtual Reinvention and thought, I’m in an Aspen frame of mind. And this is how I imagine I would look if I had lots o money AND were shopping my little heart out in Aspen! So YAY! Actually I got the jacket on a little excursion to Ibizarre. It’s strikingly over the top to me, and I fell in love immediately. For some reason this evening it occurred to me that my new yoga pants and boots from Surf Couture would look perfect with it! I dunno why. Then I DUG in my inventory for an OLD piece from Pixeldolls which I think used to be a freebie – the leotard set a lovely top that I’ve adored forever. I promptly ditched the idea of making the tops of my boots pink, and went with a dark brown. Then I tinted the Pixeldolls top brown. Then I pulled out my own Locked up set cause I wanted big hoop earrings and woah the necklace worked too! Then I thought – hat. Damn I need a hat. I could have im’d Lizzie who would have pointed me toward every hat place in SL. But I dove into inventory again, and found this beauty of a piece from Sn@tch. IT HAS A SNAKE! How it could be any more perfect? I just don’t know lol. The crowning touch, the new elf skin from Curio. Ladies, buy the fatpack. Anywho here’s my goofing off while I’m supposed to be doing other stuff outfit! Oh what am I up to lately? Well honestly I’m working on new hair textures for my hair – I’ll be re-releasing some popular older styles in the new textures and creating some new stuff. Sometime soon. I think.

Outfit Credits

Hair – Magda (Dark Brown) – Dark Mouse

Skin – Petal Light Elf Gold Dust 1 – Curio

Eyes – Fairy Hansel Bright – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Jewelry – Locked Up Set (Copper) – Dark Mouse

Shirt – Leotard Set – Pixeldolls

Pants – Yoga Pants (Beige) – Surf Couture

Jacket – Draped Jacket – Ibizarre

Boots – Elsa Boots – Surf Couture

Hat – Kickass Hat (Rattler) – Sn@tch

Poses – A variety from – Lap


three things…

So I decided to take on Sam’s challenge to highlight the three things in my inventory that I wear all the time, and could not live without. The most important thing that I wear on a daily basis is the one thing that you cannot see – my mystitool. It’s an all purpose tool that allows me to see who is around me (radar) scan my sim to see who’s in it, tphome people who shouldn’t be in it, rez a sky platform to build on it the middle of no where and a multitude of other uses too numerous to describe. And it doesn’t show. LOL. Sorry Sam. The second thing that I wear most that I think I cannot do without is very, very new. I have a lot of skins in my inventory….a lot. But lately, I’m drawn to always wear my new Curio skins, the Elf line. I feel like it represents how I see my avatar most. The other thing I like most about this skin is that it looks different on everyone. It’s one of those skins that lends it self to your shape, vs. the other way around. And finally I took a hard look at my inventory and realized that the thing I wear most, and always seems to work with everything are my J’s ankle boots. I think because they are something I wear in RL often too. Sometimes for me if I need to dress up jeans or whatever, I put on my boots. They always make me feel confident, taller and striking. I don’t know if other people feel that way about boots but I do! I think this is one of the ways the personality comes through the av. So this whole look is sort of about me in RL, how I see myself, when I take the time, or put in effort LOL. I favor blacks and browns, comfortable fabrics – I hate itchy anything. Though I make dramatic jewelry in SL, I typically wear understated jewelry in RL. Usually gold. So I chose my peace on earth set in gold, something I wear a lot. Anywho this whole outfit started with three things that I could not live without. I’ve paired them with my cupcakes jeans, a new jacket I picked up from NINKO not too long ago. A lovely tank under it all that I favor a great deal. The hair is, which I admire not only from a technical building stand point, but from a sqweeeee, love it standpoint. From an RL me perspective, it’s also pretty much how I wear my hair, which is pulled back in a ponytail, usually flat ironed, etc….. And there you have it, my three things. Thanks Sam for the challenge!

Outfit Credits

Hair – Cameron (Timid Brown) –

Skin – Petal Light Elf Pure 1 – Curio

Eyes – Fairy Hansel Bright – Poetic Color Eyes

Jewelry – Peace on Earth (Gold) – Dark Mouse

Tank Top – Camisole (Indigo Blue) – Rhapsody

Pants – Basic Denim (Brown) – Cupcakes

Jacket – Jacket Open – Grey – NINKO

Boots – Ankle Boots – J’s>

Poses – A variety from – Lap

Merry Christmas & New Releases at Dark Mouse Jewelry – Store Card Sale!

I have three new releases this week, Stacked Pearls, Simple Pearls and Vintage Rose Pearls. I really hope you’ll like them and pick them up for your holiday outfits. All pearls, all the time lol. To celebrate the holidays, I’m having a Store card Sale – 50% off store cards Christmas Eve and Christmas Day – now’s the time to pick these up and they make lovely gifts too! And a reminder – there’s a free gifty in my newly remodeled shop sitting on the counter, don’t forget to pick it up!Here’s a slurl so you can teleport directly to my store!

who can turn the world on with her smile…

Who can take a nothing day..and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile???? Well it’s you girl and you should know it! HEHEHEHE it’s a good thing my friends like goofballs. Have you ever just worked on something for so long that you finally have to just stop yourself and say, enough? I’ve been working on a new texture for my pearl jewelry. I’ve been unhappy with it for a long time, and seriously sometimes I think I’m the only one who would notice it. So I made a new texture. And, I ‘think’ I’m happy with it. So that done, I made some new pearl sets of jewelry. I did some extravagant stuff of course, but I’m in a Mary Tyler Moore kinda mood today, so I also made a simple strand of pearls. Julia Child was never without them. The essential part of a well-dressed woman’s wardrobe. I made these in white, pink and black so you’re covered. I plan to release 3 new pearl sets ermm….sometime today or tomorrow. About the clothes. I’m wearing an artilleri skirt for its sheer beauty, a top that’s part of a dress called, Hannah, by Mischief that I adored cause of the rolled up sleeves and the snug fit, and polkadotty tights just cause I felt like it. The turned up flip hairdo reminds of the girl who can turn the world on with her smile…the skin is the new and luscious ‘elf’ skin from Curio. A good friend told me yesterday that this was a rather sophisticated look, but all I could think was 50’s house wife! Oh say hey – you really ought to stop by the new shop cause my free gifty is still out there! Oh and on another note – I was beyond honored to be mentioned on a episode of Fabulous Fashion on Tweet TV – in the company of designers that I admire a great deal. Take a look my bit is at the end.Click this link to open SL and teleport directly to my store!

Outfit Credits

Hair – Leigh (Timid Brown) –

Skin – Petal Light Elf Snug 1 – Curio

Eyes – Fairy Hansel Bright – Poetic Color Eyes

Jewelry – Simple Pearls Set – White – Dark Mouse

Sweater Top – Hannah Smoke – Mischief

Skirt – Circle Skirt White – Artilleri

Legging – Polkadotty Leggings – Grey – Sh*t Happens

Shoes – Avanti Flats – Celestial Studios

Poses – A variety from – Lap

Dark Mouse Renewed & The best garden furniture EVER!

Hi there all – if you follow me on plurk at all, you’d know that about 2 weeks ago I COMPLETELY lost my mind and decided I HAD to rebuild my store. I’d lost my mojo, and felt well – a bit lack luster about SL. Happens to all of us heh? Well I feel much better thank you LOL now that my store is completely done. I’m pretty jazzed about it. To celebrate I’ve put new and cool gifties in the Pic’s Rewards Board AND I’ve set out a little FREE gifty for EVERYONE in the world, not just my group members. Please stop by the new store, here’s a link to teleport! In addition to this, I wanted to share a new table set I’ve put out in the courtyard of my new store. It’s a lovely “Vineyard Table & Chairs” set from a great new shop called, Ragazza Pazza. Just look at the textures on this set it’s gorgeous! It also features tons of poses on the seats – and comes in red, white, green and natural wood. While the store currently has a small selection, based on the quality of this set I think we can expect great things. You’ll find the Ragazza Pazza store inworld – here’s the slurl.

Dark Mouse Hair Sale & 60L Sundays!

Hi all! Sooooo I’m going to remodel my store…before Christmas! Yes, yes, I’m insane. But in the process of rebuilding I’ve rediscovered my mojo! Always a good thing! Anywho I’ve put about 10 older hair styles up for sale – $10L per color/$100L for the fatpack! Stop by the store to get these I’m planning to retire these styles permanently. Also – I’m participating in 60L Sundays this week – and will put my item out around 11 p.m. tonite. It’s a completely NEW item – Bank’s Closed bangles and earrings in Gold! So stop by! Here’s a teleport to the store!

Where o’ where could my mojo be?

So I’ve been in the doldrums where nothing moves for days now. No wind in the sails, if you know what I mean. Lost my mojo as it were. I have a gadzillion good ideas and a gadzillion reasons in my head that tell me that they all suck. Or I have an idea and can’t think how to execute. Or I distracted by some other idea. Good god. I don’t feel inspired to do anything. I’m even feelilng a bit meh about shopping…..I need a big sale or something to bring me back from the edge. Maybe that’s what SL needs; a good bring SL back from the edge sale where everyone puts all their stuff for a bargain! YAY. I feel better already with my imaginary sale LOL. Anywho enough about me. Recent shopping trips have yielded the lovely hair from (SALE), the skin from LAQ, the lovely little cordoroy nothing skirt from Kyoot. I paired it all with the baggy socks from Mischief which I find to be absolutely adorkable. The top is from Surf Couture and I simply adore it. My Miel Ant flats will keep my feeties warm and I’ve accessorized with my own Shell Necklace set and Hip Hugger belt. Go forth and shop.

Outfit Credits

Hair – Leigh (Timid Brown) –

Skin – ~ Ania7 [Fair] Glow – LAQ

Eyes – Fairy Hansel Bright – Poetic Color Eyes

Jewelry – Shell Flower Set (Gold) – Dark Mouse

Sweater Top – Kettlecorn Cardigan – Surf Couture

Skirt – Cordoroy Mini (Nutty) – Kyoot

Belt – Leather Hip Hugger (Brown) – Dark Mouse

Leggings – Dark Brown Calf Leggings – Soxie

Socks – Baggy Socks (Oceans) – Mischief Fashions

Shoes – Ant Flats – Miel

Poses – A variety from – Lap


I’m in such a dress up mood of late – it must be the holidays. I felt like showing off my new ‘Twisted’ set and the lovely dress I found at Celestial Studios at 50% off (ends December 4 people!) fit the bill. The twisted set is one of those delightful accidents. I was fooling around with my Xoph Beadrez with some links and did a little twist and OMG. Okay yes, I’m the only nerd in the world who ‘fools around with her Beadrez.’ Yes such an exciting designer’s life for me! But I was totally looking to do something else and when I saw the result I thought, that’s a lovely thing. At the time I was considering size of jewelry in SL. You may have noticed that my pieces are getting a wee bit larger in size overall. I’m focusing on the fact that most jewelry is not noticeable from a distance. I think I prefer that my jewelry be noticeable, don’t you? I used to make the most delicate little pieces – that would vanish the second you cam out. I like to be crazy with my designs – as in I love experimenting and seeing happy accidents, but also try to bow to the reality of the camera. So my whole outfit is about dressing up and big jewelry. I chose the red stilettos from, In Her Shoes, just to create some happy contrast. The skin is well, the newest love of my life (yes, I’m a fickle bitch, okay?). I headed to Laquoki at Lizzie’s suggestion the other night to check out the skins and OMFG. I tried on Ania and I seriously want to fall down and kiss Mallory Cowen’s feet. This is the most nearly perfect skin I have ever seen. The only way to make this more perfect for me personally would be to see it with freckles. The price is unbelievable. $1990L for the fatpack? Well that was a no brainer, ca-ching. I loved it instantly on my Av’s shape and didn’t make any changes – another huge plus for me. I chose the lightest tone, but could have gone for the peach tone. For this particular look I chose tone 3 – so the red lipstick would pick up the red in my shoes. Red nail polish of course. Here I’m wearing my Twisted set in Silver, although I suppose I could have gone with the gold too. I chose my cuban heel stockings from Number 9 in cream to alleviate the black and my own Cyntra hair just because it’s fun going out hair. And there you go – a totally twisted outfit.

Outfit Credits

Hair – Cyntra (Pale Black) – Dark Mouse

Skin – ~ Ania3 [Fair] Glow – LAQ

Eyes – Fairy Hansel Bright – Poetic Color Eyes

Jewelry – Twisted Set (Silver) – Dark Mouse

Dress – Maureen Dress Onyx – Celestial Studios

Stockings – Cuban Heel Pantyhose II *cream30 blackseam* – No.9 Nylons

Shoes – Stiletto (Red) – In Her Shoes

Poses – A variety from – Lap