Merry Christmas & New Releases at Dark Mouse Jewelry – Store Card Sale!

I have three new releases this week, Stacked Pearls, Simple Pearls and Vintage Rose Pearls. I really hope you’ll like them and pick them up for your holiday outfits. All pearls, all the time lol. To celebrate the holidays, I’m having a Store card Sale – 50% off store cards Christmas Eve and Christmas DayContinue reading “Merry Christmas & New Releases at Dark Mouse Jewelry – Store Card Sale!”

who can turn the world on with her smile…

Who can take a nothing day..and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile???? Well it’s you girl and you should know it! HEHEHEHE it’s a good thing my friends like goofballs. Have you ever just worked on something for so long that you finally have to just stop yourself and say, enough? I’ve been working onContinue reading “who can turn the world on with her smile…”

Dark Mouse Renewed & The best garden furniture EVER!

Hi there all – if you follow me on plurk at all, you’d know that about 2 weeks ago I COMPLETELY lost my mind and decided I HAD to rebuild my store. I’d lost my mojo, and felt well – a bit lack luster about SL. Happens to all of us heh? Well I feelContinue reading “Dark Mouse Renewed & The best garden furniture EVER!”

Dark Mouse Hair Sale & 60L Sundays!

Hi all! Sooooo I’m going to remodel my store…before Christmas! Yes, yes, I’m insane. But in the process of rebuilding I’ve rediscovered my mojo! Always a good thing! Anywho I’ve put about 10 older hair styles up for sale – $10L per color/$100L for the fatpack! Stop by the store to get these I’m planningContinue reading “Dark Mouse Hair Sale & 60L Sundays!”