Dressing like frosting – don’t miss out on the FREE Gift at Dark Mouse!

Oh yes, it’s nummy eats time! The theme of this post is FROSTING YAY! Who doesn’t like cookies c’mon??? I like cookies! Especially Christmas cookies! YAY! The cookie is not a lie! So I made these Christmas Cookie Earrings & Necklace set and I’m giving it to my Dark Mouse Group members EXCLUSIVELY! For FREE! I felt that these pieces deserved to be set in a dress that was reminiscent of frosting (as in, frosted cookies, layers of frosting, fluffy stuff, etc.) and discovered this stunning feather dress at So Many Styles. I paired it with the ruffly panties and socks from Twosome (you can’t SEE the panties, silly), and the Avanti flats from Celestial Studios. By the way! THERE appears to be a HUGE sale at Celestial Studios – all clothing & accessories are 50% off till Dec. 4. The flats were ONLY 50L. WHAT? I bought a bunch of stuff – Starley Thereian produces some of the highest quality clothing on the grid, and her Vogue skins SET the standard for what is out there now. I highly recommend you hit that store! The hair is newish from Shag and the glasses are, of course, Artilleri. Here’s the DEAL. If you’re in my subscribe group PRIOR to December 1, then you’ll get this lovely set for FREE! If you join after, there’s no going back and you’ll have to wait till next month for whatever the gifty will be (I’m an impulsive person!) but this set will never be available again and will never be for sale. So teleport to my store and join now – tell your friends! Don’t miss out. Here’s a slurl to the store – the subscriber is inside the store, next to the front counter!

Outfit Credits

Hair – BELLE DE JOUR – Dark Shades (Chestnut) – [Shag]

Skin – Bella Kira – Tuli

Eyes – Fairy Hansel Bright – Poetic Color Eyes

Jewelry – Christmas Cookie Set (DARK MOUSE FREE GROUP GIFT EXCLUSIVE) – Dark Mouse

Dress – Feather Dress Blue – So Many Styles

Socks – Ruffly Panties & Socks – Twosome

Shoes – Avanti Flats (Light Blue) – Celestial Studios

Poses – A variety from – Lap


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