Reversal of Fortune

Well you may have noticed by now that I have a love of things from the 20’s. One of these days I’ll do my whole shop in deco (that’s foreshadowing, btw…). I really need to move all my vintage stuff into one section. I made a necklace I call, ‘reversal of fortune.’ When I look at it I think of it as the kind of piece someone would buy after the depression when they had money again. It’s a 20’s deco piece. The stacked design and squared off gems and all. I felt it needed a bit of drama if I was to blog it. As luck would have it, during my weekly trek to Sn@tch to see what new items were available for my inventory, I spied this fake fur jacket in the rocker outfit. And made different plans for it ;-). I pulled out a couple of older pieces from Kyoot called, the mobstress skirt and denial of autumn top and wowsa. Well that worked. The classic white seamed stockings from HOC and the Felicia capped heels from SLink rounded out the outfit nicely.

At this point I was looking pretty hot and while shopping with Lizzie, we were accosted at Aoharu, LOL. I finished off the look with an older Aveda style from ETD (insert tears here, I really want more etd hair). Sometimes when I pull out my older ETD styles it strikes me how very skilled Elika Tiramisu is with a torus. No sculpty, just a simple torus. It’s astonishing, really. When I’m building hair myself, I struggle with finding the right angle of the prim to achieve a certain look. It must be instinctive with her. Oh for some new releases from ETD! Anywho, back from my flights of fancy! Here you go, a reversal of fortune outfit.

Outfit Credits

Hair – Aveda Short Crop (Silver) – ETD

Skin – Bella Gogo – Tuli

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Color Eyes

Jewelry – Reversal of Fortune (Silver) – Dark Mouse

Top – Denial of Autumn (Black)- Kyoot

Skirt – The Last Mobstress (Black) – Kyoot

Jacket – Fake Fur (From the rocker outfit) – Sn@tch

Hose – Classic Seamed Stockings – HOC

Boots – Felicia Capped Stiletto – SLink

Poses – A variety from – Lap


2 thoughts on “Reversal of Fortune

  1. Elika’s Aveda styles are still amazing. BTW I’m just about to blog reversal myself LOL A really stylish blog post.

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