i has pretty stuff

I almost always have a variety of stuff in my inventory that I love but that goes with absolutely nothing. I buy items of exceptional quality and/or beauty and then think – heck it will work with something eventually. So for this post – I put it all together! Disclaimer: I’m totally having fun here – you will have to be the judge of whether or not it works.

The skirt is a Sugarcube piece I picked up a few weeks ago. I bought the hair about 3 months ago – there’s something about the studied messiness that appeals to me. I bought the jacket from SWA at a sale some time ago. The hair/skin/eyes/lashes represent a combination of my favorite look. I particularly think that dark hair and skin combined with deep blue eyes is one of the most attractive combinations in the entire world. I ‘think’ it reminds me of a ex from long ago, and it’s why I always put it together. In RL I’ve let my hair get pretty dark after being California blond for years but alas, my eyes are green. The stockings were a group gift from Miel that I simply adore and the belt is more perfection from Artilleri. The boots I aquired after spying them on Gogo’s blog and braving the lag at the shoe fair.

And can I just say, BRAVO to Phoenix Chapman for pulling the Shoe fair together. It was one of the things missing in the SL suite of events that needed doing. I really wanted to browse at my leisure but decided to come back when the crowds die down. For a long time, I’ve felt shoe deprived, and to have all the options in one place is simply fabulous! The poses for this post are Olive Juice, who can also be found at the shoe fair!

About the jewelry – yes it’s mine, part of my new releases from yesterday, that I call, Wild Leaves. This represents something I’ve been working on for a long time – making my own sculpties. While for others it is probably a small thing (woot mouse made a pointy blob) for me it’s sort of a triumph – I intentionally made a pointy blob thing! Everything I do in SL is completely on my own – I have to struggle through figuring out how to do stuff, and I’m entirely self-taught in photoshop, the build tools, sculpties, etc. Dealing with dyslexia on top of that makes things doubly difficult (I tranpose numbers and words constantly making for some interesting conversations on occasion LOL). Anyway, making the leaves made me really really happy ;-). As does this whole outfit!

Outfit Credits

Hair – Canna[[Coffee]] – ++AY.LinE++

Skin – Medium Misty Deep Smoke – League

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Jewelry – Wild Leaves Set (Copper) – Dark Mouse

Glasses – Skinny Female – HOC Industries

Belt – snakeskin sash belt *black* – /artilleri/

Shirt – T-Shirt Tank – Buff – LaLa Foo Foo

Skirt – frothy tiered skirt( gold ) – SUGARCUBE

Jacket – Cropped Jacket (charcoal) – SWA

Tights – LO REFURBISHED SOCKS (Group gift) – MIEL

Boots – _LaceupBoots_DarkBrown – ANEXX

Poses – A variety from – Olive Juice


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