miss me?

Helloooooo! I’m back! Yes RL was yanking my chain for a whole week! That and a subpar internet connection kept me from doing anything fun. Oh – erm well I dooo happen to have a TON of new jewelry releases. Maybe just a few little things. Anywho, the first thing I did upon returning was to pull a SEXY little sweater dress that I aquired a few weeks ago at a wee shop in Starlust called Urbanista – I believe it’s the satalite of a larger shop but have not had a bit of time to check out the bigger store. You know there are a ton of sweater dresses out on the grid right now, but two things attracted me to this one. It is sexy. Just a wee bit shorter than what I’ve seen. I admired the curves, the well done wrinkles and texture. NICE! Okay so I’ve been fooling with this outfit for a week. Seriously, I couldn’t take nice pictures so I futzed instead. I knew that I wanted leggings but could not find the exactly right ones! GAH! Finally I focused on accessories, and went with my own Leather Hip Hugger belt, the Lady Grunge boots from HOC. Then I pulled out one of my new releases – a wee bit of vintagey goodness for you, a 1920’s choker I’m calling, Bank’s Closed. If you like 1920’s stuff like me you’ll get the reference. It’s sort of the thing you’d find in an old thrift shop. I’m still feeling nothing but love for the Tuli Bella skins, this one is fair. I don’t know if you can catch it in the picture, but the small birthmark just above the upper lip is just well, it for me. I was saddened to leave my spot at Journey but Tuli is rebuilding the sim. It was a lovely spot and I enjoyed my time there. Oh anyways, while putting on the gold accessories it occurred to me, ‘gold!’ A quick search turned up Gold leggings from Cupcakes in my inventory! YAY! The hair is an aquisition from DP YumYum, there’s something about the straight cut bangs that worked for me on the style. I pulled the gloves on cause hell being sexy can be a wee bit chilly, no? Really I bemoaned the return of long sweaters and legging to fashion (a total 80’s look) but I think I might be able to get into it again.

Outfit Credits

Hair – Barbaryumyum 17 (Brown) – DP YumYum

Skin – Bella (Natural/br/PU2) – Tuli

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Innocent Lashes – Glow Studio

Accessories – Bank’s Closed Set (Gold), Leather Hip Huggers (Brown) – Dark Mouse Jewelry & Hair

Gloves – Knitted Gloves (Tinted Dark Brown) – SF Designs

Dress – Fall Sweater Dress (Chocolate) – Urbanista

Leggings – Gold – Cupcakes

Boots – Grunge – HOC

Poses – A variety from – Lap

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