Dressing like frosting – don’t miss out on the FREE Gift at Dark Mouse!

Oh yes, it’s nummy eats time! The theme of this post is FROSTING YAY! Who doesn’t like cookies c’mon??? I like cookies! Especially Christmas cookies! YAY! The cookie is not a lie! So I made these Christmas Cookie Earrings & Necklace set and I’m giving it to my Dark Mouse Group members EXCLUSIVELY! For FREE! I felt that these pieces deserved to be set in a dress that was reminiscent of frosting (as in, frosted cookies, layers of frosting, fluffy stuff, etc.) and discovered this stunning feather dress at So Many Styles. I paired it with the ruffly panties and socks from Twosome (you can’t SEE the panties, silly), and the Avanti flats from Celestial Studios. By the way! THERE appears to be a HUGE sale at Celestial Studios – all clothing & accessories are 50% off till Dec. 4. The flats were ONLY 50L. WHAT? I bought a bunch of stuff – Starley Thereian produces some of the highest quality clothing on the grid, and her Vogue skins SET the standard for what is out there now. I highly recommend you hit that store! The hair is newish from Shag and the glasses are, of course, Artilleri. Here’s the DEAL. If you’re in my subscribe group PRIOR to December 1, then you’ll get this lovely set for FREE! If you join after, there’s no going back and you’ll have to wait till next month for whatever the gifty will be (I’m an impulsive person!) but this set will never be available again and will never be for sale. So teleport to my store and join now – tell your friends! Don’t miss out. Here’s a slurl to the store – the subscriber is inside the store, next to the front counter!

Outfit Credits

Hair – BELLE DE JOUR – Dark Shades (Chestnut) – [Shag]

Skin – Bella Kira – Tuli

Eyes – Fairy Hansel Bright – Poetic Color Eyes

Jewelry – Christmas Cookie Set (DARK MOUSE FREE GROUP GIFT EXCLUSIVE) – Dark Mouse

Dress – Feather Dress Blue – So Many Styles

Socks – Ruffly Panties & Socks – Twosome

Shoes – Avanti Flats (Light Blue) – Celestial Studios

Poses – A variety from – Lap


60L Sundays at Dark Mouse

I don’t know if there are enough sales for everyone, but I’m having a doozy! So in addition to my participation in the Artist’s Voice Black Friday sale (select 50L sets/100L fatpacks!!!), which ends on November 30, I’m also doing 60L Sundays! YAY! This week I’ve put out my simply stunning Abalone Dreams Set in copper for $60L. People that’s the necklace, earrings AND bangles for 60L! OMG! Run, don’t walk to the sale today – it starts at 12:01 November 29 SLT time and ends 24 hours later! You can also pick up a list of the participating stores in the sale kiosk. Which is conveniently placed next to the front door! Here’s a teleport to my store.

A walk in the woods

It’s finally cold in Northern California, and after 3 days of cooking, cleaning and having way too much company, Mouse Mimistrobell is home alone! YAY! That means total laying on the sofa, laptop on lap, watching HGTV and playing in SL. Late yesterday I managed to scope out some of the 50L friday deals – not only the ones in the 50L promotion, but in many other stores too! YAY. I also discovered a new store that I must have missed but will almost certainly be back to, L’Abel. I picked up the gorgeous dress that was marked to 50L, but also snagged this lovely grey cardigan, which is something I would wear in RL. It was a 100L…total no brainer purchase. It’s really the basis for the outfit, which I imagine I’d wear for a walk in the woods.

Okay I’d prolly not wear the high heels for a walk in the woods, but this is SL! The jeans are truly an old favorite – my button fly jeans from Nyte & Day. These are the jeans that you buy new and they eventually wear into a replicata of your shape. The t-shirt under the sweater is a 50L deal that bears notice – a gorgeous set of fun t-shirts from Doppleganger – rarely do I see t-shirts in SL that I think are worth my time. These are totally worth your time and on ALL layers – I would have bought these at full price. I’m wearing the vintage TV t-shirt. The skin is Daphne, from Fishy Strawberry which I love, love, love. The mouth is so different from other skins in SL. Though I rarely mention my eyes – I’m wearing new eyes from Poetic – Fairy eyes! A total must have for me! Anything with Fairy in the name always catches my attention LOL. I think it makes the whole look, stranger and more outlandish. Like if you were out walking too, and we ran into each other, you’d be a little worried…..that I have a wand up my sleeve.

Hair is Cameron from fri.day – which makes me green with envy lol. Accessories are my own Moon & Stars necklace & earrings in Black – currently on sale for 50L in my store! The bangles are my heavy metal bangles. The shoes are the Maitreya SoHo boots in patent leather, a group gift to end all group gifts. Let’s go for a walk in the woods people! Naw, think I’ll take a wee nap on the sofa instead! Oh btw, there is a ton of stuff on sale in my shop – some of it for, you guessed it – 50L. Here’s a slurl to the store!

Outfit Credits

Hair – Cameron (Thoughtful Brown) – fri.day

Skin – Daphne (Latte-Natural) – Fishy Strawberry

Eyes – Fairy Hansel Dark – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Photoshoot Lashes – LeLutka

Accessories – Moon & Stars Set, Heavy Metal Bangles – Dark Mouse Jewelry & Hair

T-Shirt – Festive Tee (Vintage TV) – Doppleganger

Sweater – Tuva Grey Cardigan – L’Abel

Pants – Button Fly Jeans (Dark Wash) – Nyte & Day

Boots – SoHo Boots (PatentMix Black) – Maitreya

Poses – A variety from – Lap

Black Friday!

Hi All – Happy Day after Thanksgiving – Better known in the US as Black Friday! I’m participating in the Artist’s Voice Black Friday event. Not only can you get great deals at my store – 50L on selected sets, 100L for the fatpack – you can also get great deals at a variety of content providers stores! When you teleport to my store, there’s a big sign out front, click on it to get a list of all participating stores! Click this link for a direct teleport to the Dark Mouse Store – so you can get started!

Reversal of Fortune

Well you may have noticed by now that I have a love of things from the 20’s. One of these days I’ll do my whole shop in deco (that’s foreshadowing, btw…). I really need to move all my vintage stuff into one section. I made a necklace I call, ‘reversal of fortune.’ When I look at it I think of it as the kind of piece someone would buy after the depression when they had money again. It’s a 20’s deco piece. The stacked design and squared off gems and all. I felt it needed a bit of drama if I was to blog it. As luck would have it, during my weekly trek to Sn@tch to see what new items were available for my inventory, I spied this fake fur jacket in the rocker outfit. And made different plans for it ;-). I pulled out a couple of older pieces from Kyoot called, the mobstress skirt and denial of autumn top and wowsa. Well that worked. The classic white seamed stockings from HOC and the Felicia capped heels from SLink rounded out the outfit nicely.

At this point I was looking pretty hot and while shopping with Lizzie, we were accosted at Aoharu, LOL. I finished off the look with an older Aveda style from ETD (insert tears here, I really want more etd hair). Sometimes when I pull out my older ETD styles it strikes me how very skilled Elika Tiramisu is with a torus. No sculpty, just a simple torus. It’s astonishing, really. When I’m building hair myself, I struggle with finding the right angle of the prim to achieve a certain look. It must be instinctive with her. Oh for some new releases from ETD! Anywho, back from my flights of fancy! Here you go, a reversal of fortune outfit.

Outfit Credits

Hair – Aveda Short Crop (Silver) – ETD

Skin – Bella Gogo – Tuli

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Color Eyes

Jewelry – Reversal of Fortune (Silver) – Dark Mouse

Top – Denial of Autumn (Black)- Kyoot

Skirt – The Last Mobstress (Black) – Kyoot

Jacket – Fake Fur (From the rocker outfit) – Sn@tch

Hose – Classic Seamed Stockings – HOC

Boots – Felicia Capped Stiletto – SLink

Poses – A variety from – Lap

i has pretty stuff

I almost always have a variety of stuff in my inventory that I love but that goes with absolutely nothing. I buy items of exceptional quality and/or beauty and then think – heck it will work with something eventually. So for this post – I put it all together! Disclaimer: I’m totally having fun here – you will have to be the judge of whether or not it works.

The skirt is a Sugarcube piece I picked up a few weeks ago. I bought the hair about 3 months ago – there’s something about the studied messiness that appeals to me. I bought the jacket from SWA at a sale some time ago. The hair/skin/eyes/lashes represent a combination of my favorite look. I particularly think that dark hair and skin combined with deep blue eyes is one of the most attractive combinations in the entire world. I ‘think’ it reminds me of a ex from long ago, and it’s why I always put it together. In RL I’ve let my hair get pretty dark after being California blond for years but alas, my eyes are green. The stockings were a group gift from Miel that I simply adore and the belt is more perfection from Artilleri. The boots I aquired after spying them on Gogo’s blog and braving the lag at the shoe fair.

And can I just say, BRAVO to Phoenix Chapman for pulling the Shoe fair together. It was one of the things missing in the SL suite of events that needed doing. I really wanted to browse at my leisure but decided to come back when the crowds die down. For a long time, I’ve felt shoe deprived, and to have all the options in one place is simply fabulous! The poses for this post are Olive Juice, who can also be found at the shoe fair!

About the jewelry – yes it’s mine, part of my new releases from yesterday, that I call, Wild Leaves. This represents something I’ve been working on for a long time – making my own sculpties. While for others it is probably a small thing (woot mouse made a pointy blob) for me it’s sort of a triumph – I intentionally made a pointy blob thing! Everything I do in SL is completely on my own – I have to struggle through figuring out how to do stuff, and I’m entirely self-taught in photoshop, the build tools, sculpties, etc. Dealing with dyslexia on top of that makes things doubly difficult (I tranpose numbers and words constantly making for some interesting conversations on occasion LOL). Anyway, making the leaves made me really really happy ;-). As does this whole outfit!

Outfit Credits

Hair – Canna[[Coffee]] – ++AY.LinE++

Skin – Medium Misty Deep Smoke – League

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Jewelry – Wild Leaves Set (Copper) – Dark Mouse

Glasses – Skinny Female – HOC Industries

Belt – snakeskin sash belt *black* – /artilleri/

Shirt – T-Shirt Tank – Buff – LaLa Foo Foo

Skirt – frothy tiered skirt( gold ) – SUGARCUBE

Jacket – Cropped Jacket (charcoal) – SWA

Tights – LO REFURBISHED SOCKS (Group gift) – MIEL

Boots – _LaceupBoots_DarkBrown – ANEXX

Poses – A variety from – Olive Juice

New Jewelry Releases at Dark Mouse! YAY!

Hi all – yes it’s been a long time coming, but I have finally completed all my new releases. I’m pleased to release 3 new modern pieces and 2 vintage styled after things you might find if you lived in 1920. I have the lovely, Twisted set which comes with a necklace, bangles and earrings, Wild Leaves, also with a necklace, bangles and earrings and finally the Stacie set, named for a particularly cool blogger who likes my stuff a lot 😉 . I’ve also designed a couple of vintage sets, the first a choker called, Bank’s Closed and some jewels for when the money rolls in again, called Reversal of Fortune. I hope you like and enjoy these sets, all my love and hard effort comes with them. In the shots I’m wearing hair from Dark Mouse, Tiny Bird and Etd. The skins are Tuli, Curio, Fishy Strawberry and League. My apologies for the huge post. Since I don’t do it all the time, I’m hopeful it’s okay. Here’s a slurl to teleport directly to the store!

miss me?

Helloooooo! I’m back! Yes RL was yanking my chain for a whole week! That and a subpar internet connection kept me from doing anything fun. Oh – erm well I dooo happen to have a TON of new jewelry releases. Maybe just a few little things. Anywho, the first thing I did upon returning was to pull a SEXY little sweater dress that I aquired a few weeks ago at a wee shop in Starlust called Urbanista – I believe it’s the satalite of a larger shop but have not had a bit of time to check out the bigger store. You know there are a ton of sweater dresses out on the grid right now, but two things attracted me to this one. It is sexy. Just a wee bit shorter than what I’ve seen. I admired the curves, the well done wrinkles and texture. NICE! Okay so I’ve been fooling with this outfit for a week. Seriously, I couldn’t take nice pictures so I futzed instead. I knew that I wanted leggings but could not find the exactly right ones! GAH! Finally I focused on accessories, and went with my own Leather Hip Hugger belt, the Lady Grunge boots from HOC. Then I pulled out one of my new releases – a wee bit of vintagey goodness for you, a 1920’s choker I’m calling, Bank’s Closed. If you like 1920’s stuff like me you’ll get the reference. It’s sort of the thing you’d find in an old thrift shop. I’m still feeling nothing but love for the Tuli Bella skins, this one is fair. I don’t know if you can catch it in the picture, but the small birthmark just above the upper lip is just well, it for me. I was saddened to leave my spot at Journey but Tuli is rebuilding the sim. It was a lovely spot and I enjoyed my time there. Oh anyways, while putting on the gold accessories it occurred to me, ‘gold!’ A quick search turned up Gold leggings from Cupcakes in my inventory! YAY! The hair is an aquisition from DP YumYum, there’s something about the straight cut bangs that worked for me on the style. I pulled the gloves on cause hell being sexy can be a wee bit chilly, no? Really I bemoaned the return of long sweaters and legging to fashion (a total 80’s look) but I think I might be able to get into it again.

Outfit Credits

Hair – Barbaryumyum 17 (Brown) – DP YumYum

Skin – Bella (Natural/br/PU2) – Tuli

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Innocent Lashes – Glow Studio

Accessories – Bank’s Closed Set (Gold), Leather Hip Huggers (Brown) – Dark Mouse Jewelry & Hair

Gloves – Knitted Gloves (Tinted Dark Brown) – SF Designs

Dress – Fall Sweater Dress (Chocolate) – Urbanista

Leggings – Gold – Cupcakes

Boots – Grunge – HOC

Poses – A variety from – Lap

Just call out my name, I’ll come running

So I’m wandering around SL, buying hair for my alt at a certain establishment that is having a sale, when what do I spy? OMG! It can’t be and yet it is! She of the incredible arc, who brings joy and lag and cowboy boots where ever she goes, has hair. And my, oh my what hair it is. Must be blogged hair….cha-ching. It just so happens that I knew of the perfect look for this hair, but being cheap of wallet, had passed on another lovely item – so back I went and coughed up the 250L for a shirt. OKAY it’s on all layers – and I was being silly. It is now mine – I think it’s dreamy and romantic – and the shading is to die for. My new love – the Bella skin from Tuli has the most fabulous makeups – this is Raven and I lurve it. The Tuli skin is a reminder for me – none of her previous skins have looked right on my shape, and I’m stubborn, I won’t adjust my shape for a skin, so I lusted from a far and kept trying – and finally – this is the first Tuli skin that looks great on my shape. I paired it with the perfect basic denim from Cupcakes and the wondrous and versatile Prestige boots from Bax. Accessorized with my own Abalone Dreams jewelry, Full of Flowers belt and the glasses that I call, John Lennon style – all in copper. I love this outfit and will no doubt wear it for the next 5 days!


Outfit Credits

Hair – Lizzie (Chestnut) – Truth

Skin – Bella (Raven/br/PU2) – Tuli

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Photoshoot Lashes – LeLutka

Accessories – Abalone Dreams Set, John Lennon Style Glasses & Full of Flowers Belt (Copper) – Dark Mouse Jewelry & Hair

Shirt – Sleeveless Blouse & Cuff (White) – CoCo

Pants – Basic Denim (Brown) – Cupcakes

Boots – Prestige Boots (Chocolate – Cuff Up) – Bax Boots

Poses – A variety from – Lap

Every fricken thing I love..

Oh feeling kind of sugary today…sugarcuby that is. I LURVE this dress. It’s the bomb. As luck would have it, fri.day came out with hair that is as sugary sweet as the dress. Low and behold the two work really well together! This poor post had to wait. Stupid SL wouldn’t render the flowers on the top of the dress. ARGH! /me goes to my happy place, breath. The skin from Tuli is well just – I’m going to buy the fatpack. I love it. I LOVE the way it looks on my shape. I love it when something just works. Today I just feel like breaking all the rules and putting every fricken thing I love together in one outfit. HAHA! It’s way tooo busy I’m sure. I don’t care. /me flounces off.


Outfit Credits

Hair – Jasmine (Thoughtful Brown) – fri.day

Skin – Bella (Fair Br) (VIP Group Gift) – Tuli

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Photoshoot Lashes – LeLutka

Jewelry – Divine Deco Bracelets & Earrings – Dark Mouse

Jewelry – Doll Face Cameo Necklace: Goth – {Violet Voltaire}

Dress – Sugar by Sugar (Beige) – Sugarcube

Leggings – Calf (Black) – Soxies

Shoes – Funny Girl Flats – .:Periquita:.

Poses – A variety from – Olive Juice