Feeling a bit bohoho

It’s Halloween and I can’t think of a single thing to be. I’m in SL, and what the hell, I can be whatever I want, and I can’t think of a single thing. Feeling entirely uninspired. Inspiration is a funny thing. It just pops up when you least expect it. Pops up, grabs you by the …well you know and there you are. Moving right along. There are so many things going on right now – so many things that just well weigh on a person’s mind. The content creation crap thing. What the heck is a girl to do when she’s torn in two directions. Ah well, I’ll come to a decision eventually. The problem with me is that I like everyone and I’m generally an optimist. Note to self – try not to make post whilst tipsy. Anywho, the whole IDEA of this post is to show off my new BoHo bag. This bag is the result of total inspiration (which vanishes quickly). I was thinking hmmm tapestry and ended up here! YAY! Then I went velvet. I have a love for velvet that borders on the stevie nicks level of insane. Black velvet, fun shoes a tattoo. Just can’t go wrong. Oh! And, happy halloween my pretties! Oh I managed to put the credits together BEFORE the second bottle o’ wine….


Outfit Credits

Hair – Jasmine 2 (Thoughtful Brown) – fri.day

Skin – Medium Misty Evergreen – League

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Tattoo – Thistle & Thorn – Silent Sparrow

Jewelry – Moon & Stars (Black), Midsummer Amusements (Juicy Orange), Retro Stripe Bangles & Earrings – Dark Mouse

Glasses – John Lennon Style Glasses Dark Mouse

Handbag – BoHo Bag (Mustard) – Dark Mouse

Shirt – Cute Blouse (Black) – So Many Styles

Skirt – Velvet Skirt (Black) – Pixeldolls

Belt – Fish Scales Belt (Black)Dark Mouse

Shoes – Hyasinths (Black) – Shiny Things

Poses – A variety from – LAP


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