Bag Lady

So I’ve been working on a wee project. Basically I’m planning a line of handbags for Dark Mouse. I love bags, I love accessories *cough belts* and so there you go. I’ve been meaning to blog these new pants from Cupcakes, and the lovely halter, and have simply not found the right overall look till now. I was just finishing up the handbag and thought wow that would look great with this outfit. I promise to have it out in the shop sooner rather than later, since I’m blogging it. Since there was so much black in the outfit, I decided that I needed to accent it with a bit of green for fun and cause well I love lime green. I had a lovely scarf that is a freebie at CoCo’s and paired it with my own Silver/Green Stainglass bangles & hoop earrings. I love the ankle boots from J’s and wear them all the time, and they work great with the pants from Cupcakes. One note about these gorgeous pants – which I love because of the lean lines and wrinkles. They only come on the pants layer! I didn’t realize when I was buying them that this was the case which means I can’t tuck them into the GREAT cowboy boots I also bought from J’s. They would look great with those boots too! So, fair warning if you decide to get them AND I believe Cupcakes is moving to it’s own sim – so the LM will only work so long – but YAY bigger Cupcakes! Oh and IsabellaGrace Baroque was lovely enough to gift me with a preview of more of her poses! I love her whimsical and quirky poses and find myself constantly drawn to them when doing posts! For skin & hair, I’m wearing one of my newest hair releases, Jeanne and a lovely skin I picked up not too long ago, and love for its quirkiness, Mother Goose, Mary.


Outfit Credits

Hair – Jeanne (Pale Brown) – Dark Mouse

Skin – Mary Pale No.6 – Mother Goose

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Color Eyes

Manicure – Holly Nails – Skin Within

Lashes – Photoshoot – Lelutka

Jewelry – Stainglass Bangles & Hoop Earring – Dark Mouse

Handbag – Quilted Vinyl Handbag (Black) – Dark Mouse

Pants & Top – Trousers (Black) & Floral Halter (White/Black) – Cupcakes

Scarf – Part of the Floral Tanktop Free Gift – CoCo’s

Boots – Ankle Boots Round (Black) – J’s

Poses – A variety from – Olive Juice

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