Oh so proper in pink

So as I was doing 50L fridays last night, mentally toying with the idea of shamelessly copying the brilliant marketing coup and wondering whose legs I’d have to break to get in on it….when the artilleri notice came by. Teleporting in immediately, and having a few glasses of wine under my belt, I determined that I NEEDED to have the pink cardigan. I NEVER wear pink. EVER. I truly hate pink. Looks awesome on me no? I’ve been focusing lately on refurbing my RL business clothes wardrobe and when i saw the Editor Pants at Pink Outfitters, they appealed to me immediately. In fact minus the pink cardigan (in RL I’d prolly go with black) this is totally an RL me look. I think maybe I SHOULD get a pink cardigan, just to jazz my look up a bit. Oh and I’d probably not wear a shirt that showed my tummy! With a little luck and some shopping I hope I can find a cardigan like this ‘Elspeth’ one in RL! It’s gorgeous, and typical of the quality you can always expect from Artilleri. I paired it with uber useful Kala Ruffle shirt from BareRose after doing a bit of editing of appearance and making the sleeves tight and the ruffled sleeve prims smaller. For a bit of fun, I added my own mussed up set in Pink/Silver. My new hair release, the Trish topknot seemed to top off the oh so proper look completely. For added business flair, I pulled my NEW SLink two tone stillettos outta inventory and discovered I LOVE THESE SHOES as much as when I first snagged them. And last but not least. ******We interupt this post to send out a special appeal to Iki Ikarus of Dutch Touch. PLEASE do a WHOLE makeup line based on your group gift skin of recent memory******** Okay so really I IM’d Iki to ask about this skin, and she told me it’s closest to the Mauve skin line…..but…..I want this face!!! It’s ever so slightly different and only a skin crazy person would probably notice (Mouse=skin crazy person). I’m crazy about this skin, and I only have 2 makeups!!! Of course I’m not really asking Iki to make a whole makeup line just for me. No, I’d never do that….


Outfit Credits

Hair – Trish (Pale Brown) – Dark Mouse

Skin – Special #2 Caramel (Group Gift) – Dutch Touch

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Photoshoot Lashes – LeLutka

Jewelry – Mussed Up Set (Pink/Silver) – Dark Mouse

Shirt – Kala Ruffles (White) – BareRose

Cardigan – Elspeth (Pale Pink) – Artilleri

Pants – the Editor Pants (No.2 Pencil) – Pink Outfitters

Shoes – Felicia Heel Capped White – SLink

Poses – A variety from – Olive Juice


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