What the heck is going on at Dark Mouse? New stuff, that’s what!

YES! Finally – I gots a ton of stuff done. After the jewelry fair, I realized that I work much better by NOT doing weekly releases, which gives me more time to come back to stuff as I’m working on it, tweak and make changes that I don’t see if I’m killing myself to do weekly releases! I’ll almost certainly keep to this model – considering my RL schedule it works well for me! Soooo, what have I have got? I have 4 new hair styles, 1 new set of bangles, 6 belt sets – 4 brand new and 2 reworked and enhanced with better textures! YAY! I sort of ran out of Polish woman names for my hairstyles so I’m going with whatever comes to mind! My new hairs are Michelle, a loose bun with flyaway whispy tendrils everywhere, Jeanne, a longer messy style that looks like it was pulled back in a barrette for appearances sake, Trish, a topknot updo reminiscent of Breakfast at Tiffanys and Cyntra a high ponytail with lots of whispy stuff. I like them all, but I’m especially partial to Michelle. Due to popular demand, I made a set of bangles based off of my very successful Divine Deco set. Like all of my bangles sets, it comes with ‘over the top hoop earrings.’ I also made a ton of new belts! YAY! Fish scales, Vinyl fun, Leather Hip Hugger and Full of flowers belts – each have there own lovely qualities, I hope you’ll like them all. Like most of my stuff the belts are reasonably priced – $200L for 4 colors, attach at the stomach and pelvis and NOW have resize scripts (OMG MOUSE REALLY?) yes, really! I also reworked two of my most popular belts sets – Lots of holes and the Animal prints. Both sets are upgraded with two attach points and resize script, better metal textures and the Animal print set that now includes a ‘giraffe’ version. Here are the pics of my stuff! Here’s a teleport link to the Dark Mouse store! OH! I will be retiring my ‘Lagalicious Fashionista Belt‘ from the grid! Never to be seen again! I will be selling it in the store for $1L till October 31! Time to pick it up! BUT WAIT there’s MORE! I’m also a bit of a Halloween nut! While time and space prevent me from creating some uber cool haunted house in SL, I can contribute to the fun by giving away Halloween decorations for FREE! That’s right – starting today there is a pumpkin on the coffee table in the middle of my shop with a bunch of Halloween decorations tucked inside made by ME! Pick it up to decorate your home or store! So on to the pics! Take a look!













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