Come on, dive in the koolaid is LOVELY!

Hi! OH MY GAWD THE AGONY. I hemmed and hawed. I fought with myself. I tortured my plurk friends with my indecision. Then finally, I fell in line! Oh wonders of wonders I bought the fricken boots already. Well actually I bought them a couple of weeks ago but I’ve been just too damn greedy to share them till now. I totally rationalized WHY I needed these boots. 1) they are hot. 2) they come in brown 3) they are actually 4 different boots that you can change (I so admire scripty people) so totally worth the price 4) the service at Bax is uber cool 5) refer to reason #1. Dive in baby, the koolaid is YUMMERS! Oh along my recent shopping travels I came across this hot, hot, hot retro dress from Lost Dreams that absolutely required the boots. Nothing else would work! You see my issue here – I was FORCED to buy them. I should call this blog diary of a mad shopper. Oh and I’ve been building like a crazy person. I have a bunch of stuff that I’m slowly bringing towards completeness. Mainly hair and belts and maybe a new bracelet that people have been bugging me for. I’m wearing the new belt in the photo! YAY! It’s not released yet! BOO! Jewelry is my own Cascade of Beads set. Hair is from (will I ever remember the dot, gah). The skin is a group gift from Dutch Touch. I’ve been wearing it for DAYS now and think I’m in love. Fickle girl.


Outfit Credits

Hair – Neva (Thoughtful Brown) –

Skin – Special #1Caramel (Group Gift) – Dutch Touch

Manicure – Red – Chai

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Photo Shoot Lashes – Lelutka

Jewelry – Dark Mouse Cascade of Beads Set (Silver) – Dark Mouse

Dress – Retro Dress (Red) – Lost Dreams

Belt – Dark Mouse Fish Scales (Brown) – Dark Mouse

Boots – Prestige Boots (Brown) – Bax Boots

Poses – A variety from – LAP

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