Missing Buffy & Zombiefest

Today I realized I was missing Buffy. It all came about when I stopped into Olive Juice poses and picked up a bunch of lovely stuffage. One was the most awesome pose, a roundhouse kick. LOVE IT. But it made me sad, and I realized it was because I missed Buffy. I watched it religously – funny story – Our tv broke way back when on a Tuesday night and I MADE my hubby go buy us a new one so I wouldn’t miss Buffy that night. I stuck by it through season 6. I screamed, “OMG SHE KILLED HIM,” when Buffy killed her beloved Angel. Scared the crap outta everyone in the house on that one. I really need to get HBO. I could be watching True Blood, I suppose. What was the point of this post, oh yeah. Buffy. Missing it. Anyways. I’m a little late to the table on the whole Zombiefest thing! Zombiefest is an event in SL that is being held in conjunction with World Zombie Day, an event to benefit the Red Cross. I was TRAPPED in the wilderness for 3 days, and everytime I tried to run SL on my computer, the front desk would call my room and say, yo, sucking bandwidth much? My answer was, sucky internet much? GAH! It was torture. The people in the room next to me seemed to be having a long and protracted battle with a mouse. No pun intended. Anywho I really wanted to participate, and because I HAD so many requests, I decided to rework my Scorpion necklace for men. I’m last minute here but what the heck! Since all along it was intended to be an exclusive group gifty, I decided that male version would be for a good cause, the Red Cross. So go get your zombie gear on, hit the Zombiefest and give up your lindens for a good cause! You can purchase this necklace there! Here’s the slurl to get to the Zombiefest and purchase this necklace – 100% of proceeds will go to the Red Cross! The outfit is entirely me trying to get in the spirit of Zombiefest – the skin is from the ever fabulous, Mia Snow, most of the gadgets I dug outta my inventory.




Outfit Credits

Hair – Bilirubin (Blonde) – Gritty Kitty

Skin – Zombie Hunter – Mia Snow Skins

Tattoo – Rage – Etchd

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Photo Shoot Lashes – Lelutka

Jewelry – Dark Mouse Scorpion Necklace – Dark Mouse Exclusive Group Gifty

Glasses – John Lennon Style Glasses (Silver) – Dark Mouse

Armband – Maker has left SL

Gun – Apparently no longer available GAH!

Tanktop – Lil’ Miss Tantrum (Black) – Sysy’s

Pants – Lowrise Heavy Cargo Pants (Black) – BareRose

Boots – Neko Knife Grunge Boots – Maker has left SL

Poses – Alice in Wonderland & Various – Olive Juice


4 thoughts on “Missing Buffy & Zombiefest

  1. LOL, well i hear you there! i miss Buffy so much, no new vamp shows will ever replace it, or Angel for that matter, in my dark lil heart :). I’m sorry my store made you sad!!!! I say we grab some popcorn and rewatch the series. Oh, now i think i need some buffy/angel poses *gears are turning*. hope to see you at Zombiefest this weekend! I have exclusive items you can only get there *hint hint* haha ❤

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