Another day in Wonderland

I’ve crashed like three times trying to put this post together! GAH! I hate when that happens. It’s an exciting day in mouseland! Yes, I’ve put together this cute outfit based on some shopping trips of late. Okay, well maybe a lot of shopping trips… the sad news today is that I am still undecided on the skin fair – as in I can’t decide what I want – I have so many skins…. I’m leaning towards the Leaque pale skins but I have the medium so it’s a dilemma. The other excitement going on is that I have a lovely little bot farm on the Linden owned sim next to mine! Okay I had a snarky comment here and removed it. While I was writing this post – and after I AR’d the bot farm, LL removed them! Way to go LL! Oh and while I was finishing this post, the bot farm came back. Woah. I don’t even know what to think about that. Oh and I confessed on second secrets to my peanut butter cookie addiction!

So this outfit is comprised of a simple purple dress from So Many Styles, a store with So Many Options I hardly know where to turn – what a great store! I’ve paired the dress with a jacket that I snagged from an Ibizarre outfit. Loving the safety pin closure on this jacket. A pair of tights and my wedge heels from Miel create subtle accents. I wanted my hair to be a little different, and ended up with this cute style from TekuTeku. I chose subtle accents because I wanted to highlight my own stainglass bangles in the pic, and I think this outfit does that nicely. Oh and the poses for this LOTD are from a lovely pose store that Lizzie dragged me to called, Olive Juice. Great and refreshingly different poses!


Outfit Credits

Hair – Betty (Dark Brown) – TekuTeku

Skin – Medium Misty Deep Smoke – League

Eyes – Easter Lilac (Holiday Freebie) – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Jewelry – Dark Mouse Stain Glass Bangles and Hoop Earrings – Dark Mouse

Jacket – Knit Jacket (Black) – Ibizarre

Dress – Simple Dress (Purple) – So Many Styles

Tights – Leggings (Black-Calf) –

Shoes – Plaid Jane Light (Neptune) – Miel

Poses – Alice in Wonderland & Various – Olive Juice


3 thoughts on “Another day in Wonderland

  1. ILY! No seriously, what do you want from me for looking so cute using my poses. Hahaha, adorable outfit. Glad Lizzy dragged you because this post just made my day 😀

  2. YAY! I will be very happy if you just keep making poses! While I did not use it, I love the total matrix kick pose, and have to come up with somethin special for that beauty!!!

  3. hahaha, YES! i like that one too. even if it wasn’t incredibly original, you gotta have a good movie-style kick in there. i get so giddy when people find uses for my poses, because lets face it… they are a little off the beaten path for blogging. lol. ❤ and ty again!

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