More accessories at Dark Mouse

So I’ve been working on some new accessories, mainly handbags – great for that last touch in an outfit! I’ve blogged two of the bags, so I decided to get them out there sooner rather than later. New in the store, the BoHo Bag, the Quilted bag and the Silk Clutch. I’ve got a fewContinue reading “More accessories at Dark Mouse”

For the love of kittens

I love kittens. Have two myself. That’s why when I started getting frantic IM’s from a certain kitten loving, rain loving, umbrella loving, boot loving avatar who shall remain nameless, I knew I had to get myself over to Clawtooth asap! I simply adore this hair, and the lovely little kitty perched inside. I wasContinue reading “For the love of kittens”

Oh so proper in pink

So as I was doing 50L fridays last night, mentally toying with the idea of shamelessly copying the brilliant marketing coup and wondering whose legs I’d have to break to get in on it….when the artilleri notice came by. Teleporting in immediately, and having a few glasses of wine under my belt, I determined thatContinue reading “Oh so proper in pink”

What the heck is going on at Dark Mouse? New stuff, that’s what!

YES! Finally – I gots a ton of stuff done. After the jewelry fair, I realized that I work much better by NOT doing weekly releases, which gives me more time to come back to stuff as I’m working on it, tweak and make changes that I don’t see if I’m killing myself to doContinue reading “What the heck is going on at Dark Mouse? New stuff, that’s what!”

the road goes ever on

Feeling a bit pensive today, and just in general lately. Sometimes building in SL stops being a pleasure and becomes, well, a job. That’s when it’s time to go shopping, and ignore all the little projects. Generally if I don’t feel like doing something it doesn’t come out well. I’ve got a ton of newContinue reading “the road goes ever on”

Come on, dive in the koolaid is LOVELY!

Hi! OH MY GAWD THE AGONY. I hemmed and hawed. I fought with myself. I tortured my plurk friends with my indecision. Then finally, I fell in line! Oh wonders of wonders I bought the fricken boots already. Well actually I bought them a couple of weeks ago but I’ve been just too damn greedyContinue reading “Come on, dive in the koolaid is LOVELY!”

Missing Buffy & Zombiefest

Today I realized I was missing Buffy. It all came about when I stopped into Olive Juice poses and picked up a bunch of lovely stuffage. One was the most awesome pose, a roundhouse kick. LOVE IT. But it made me sad, and I realized it was because I missed Buffy. I watched it religouslyContinue reading “Missing Buffy & Zombiefest”