Feeling a bit bohoho

It’s Halloween and I can’t think of a single thing to be. I’m in SL, and what the hell, I can be whatever I want, and I can’t think of a single thing. Feeling entirely uninspired. Inspiration is a funny thing. It just pops up when you least expect it. Pops up, grabs you by the …well you know and there you are. Moving right along. There are so many things going on right now – so many things that just well weigh on a person’s mind. The content creation crap thing. What the heck is a girl to do when she’s torn in two directions. Ah well, I’ll come to a decision eventually. The problem with me is that I like everyone and I’m generally an optimist. Note to self – try not to make post whilst tipsy. Anywho, the whole IDEA of this post is to show off my new BoHo bag. This bag is the result of total inspiration (which vanishes quickly). I was thinking hmmm tapestry and ended up here! YAY! Then I went velvet. I have a love for velvet that borders on the stevie nicks level of insane. Black velvet, fun shoes a tattoo. Just can’t go wrong. Oh! And, happy halloween my pretties! Oh I managed to put the credits together BEFORE the second bottle o’ wine….


Outfit Credits

Hair – Jasmine 2 (Thoughtful Brown) – fri.day

Skin – Medium Misty Evergreen – League

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Tattoo – Thistle & Thorn – Silent Sparrow

Jewelry – Moon & Stars (Black), Midsummer Amusements (Juicy Orange), Retro Stripe Bangles & Earrings – Dark Mouse

Glasses – John Lennon Style Glasses Dark Mouse

Handbag – BoHo Bag (Mustard) – Dark Mouse

Shirt – Cute Blouse (Black) – So Many Styles

Skirt – Velvet Skirt (Black) – Pixeldolls

Belt – Fish Scales Belt (Black)Dark Mouse

Shoes – Hyasinths (Black) – Shiny Things

Poses – A variety from – LAP


More accessories at Dark Mouse

So I’ve been working on some new accessories, mainly handbags – great for that last touch in an outfit! I’ve blogged two of the bags, so I decided to get them out there sooner rather than later. New in the store, the BoHo Bag, the Quilted bag and the Silk Clutch. I’ve got a few more in the works, but they are not ready yet! As with all my accessories these are reasonably priced-$200L for 4 colors! There are 3 new handbags, plus a refurb of two older bags. Click this link to teleport – Stop by the shop today!






For the love of kittens

I love kittens. Have two myself. That’s why when I started getting frantic IM’s from a certain kitten loving, rain loving, umbrella loving, boot loving avatar who shall remain nameless, I knew I had to get myself over to Clawtooth asap! I simply adore this hair, and the lovely little kitty perched inside. I was looking through my ‘new purchases’ folder and realized that I had a bunch of disparate, yet lovely things that had not yet coelesced into an outfit. There was my adorable, “Jellybean Maddison Hates This Dress” dress from Snatch ( I bought this for the name alone!). Then the cowboy boots from J’s that are simply drool worthy. And the kitty hair. And somehow, it all works. I pulled out my own Flowers on Fire set in gold for a bit of overthetop drama and my gold paint spashed bangles for fun. Throw in one of the new purses (I SWEAR I will release these this weekend!) I’m working on and YAY! Totally rocking the cleavage for this one – I suppose it could catch the kitty, should she fall LOL!


Outfit Credits

Hair – Mrs. Mittens (Classic Brown) – Clawtooth by Clawtooth

Skin – Medium Misty Twilight – League

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Jewelry – Flowers on Fire Set & Gold Splashed Bangles – Dark Mouse

Clutch Bag – Silk Clutch Bag (Gold) – Dark Mouse

Dress – Jellybean Maddison Hates this Dress (Black) – Sn@tch

Tights – Leggings (Black-Calf) – Soxies

Boots – Western Boots (Black) – J’s

Poses – A variety from – LAP

Bag Lady

So I’ve been working on a wee project. Basically I’m planning a line of handbags for Dark Mouse. I love bags, I love accessories *cough belts* and so there you go. I’ve been meaning to blog these new pants from Cupcakes, and the lovely halter, and have simply not found the right overall look till now. I was just finishing up the handbag and thought wow that would look great with this outfit. I promise to have it out in the shop sooner rather than later, since I’m blogging it. Since there was so much black in the outfit, I decided that I needed to accent it with a bit of green for fun and cause well I love lime green. I had a lovely scarf that is a freebie at CoCo’s and paired it with my own Silver/Green Stainglass bangles & hoop earrings. I love the ankle boots from J’s and wear them all the time, and they work great with the pants from Cupcakes. One note about these gorgeous pants – which I love because of the lean lines and wrinkles. They only come on the pants layer! I didn’t realize when I was buying them that this was the case which means I can’t tuck them into the GREAT cowboy boots I also bought from J’s. They would look great with those boots too! So, fair warning if you decide to get them AND I believe Cupcakes is moving to it’s own sim – so the LM will only work so long – but YAY bigger Cupcakes! Oh and IsabellaGrace Baroque was lovely enough to gift me with a preview of more of her poses! I love her whimsical and quirky poses and find myself constantly drawn to them when doing posts! For skin & hair, I’m wearing one of my newest hair releases, Jeanne and a lovely skin I picked up not too long ago, and love for its quirkiness, Mother Goose, Mary.


Outfit Credits

Hair – Jeanne (Pale Brown) – Dark Mouse

Skin – Mary Pale No.6 – Mother Goose

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Color Eyes

Manicure – Holly Nails – Skin Within

Lashes – Photoshoot – Lelutka

Jewelry – Stainglass Bangles & Hoop Earring – Dark Mouse

Handbag – Quilted Vinyl Handbag (Black) – Dark Mouse

Pants & Top – Trousers (Black) & Floral Halter (White/Black) – Cupcakes

Scarf – Part of the Floral Tanktop Free Gift – CoCo’s

Boots – Ankle Boots Round (Black) – J’s

Poses – A variety from – Olive Juice

Playing Dress Up

I just feel like playing dress up! I snagged this lovely dress from Casa Del Shai for $50L on that holy day of all holies, $50L fridays….then I crashed for the evening, and lookie what I found this morning! I thought this ever so elegant dress would compliment my new art deco bangles, especially considering the dramatic fall of the lower back of the dress and YAY it does! I also fooled around in WL and I’m using the sheer surreality light setting for a bit of a change and to add drama. I’ve topped it off with my new Cyntra hair style and I’m wearing my beloved League skin, in of course, Glam. You can’t see the shoes of course but in RL I’d go with a strappy sandal, so I’m wearing my Periquita Beda Sandals. Wish I had some place to go! I’ve always got my nose in the build tools whenever some fancy dress occasion occurs….I think we need a ball or something!


Outfit Credits

Hair – Cyntra (Pale Brown) – Dark Mouse

Skin – Medium Misty Glam – League

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Color Eyes

Manicure – Pewter Nails – Skin Within

Lashes – Photoshoot – Lelutka

Jewelry – Divine Deco Bangles & Earrings – Dark Mouse

Dress – Kimora Evening Gown – *Shai*

Shoes – Beda Sandals Black – Periquita

Poses – Alice in Wonderland & Various – Olive Juice

Oh so proper in pink

So as I was doing 50L fridays last night, mentally toying with the idea of shamelessly copying the brilliant marketing coup and wondering whose legs I’d have to break to get in on it….when the artilleri notice came by. Teleporting in immediately, and having a few glasses of wine under my belt, I determined that I NEEDED to have the pink cardigan. I NEVER wear pink. EVER. I truly hate pink. Looks awesome on me no? I’ve been focusing lately on refurbing my RL business clothes wardrobe and when i saw the Editor Pants at Pink Outfitters, they appealed to me immediately. In fact minus the pink cardigan (in RL I’d prolly go with black) this is totally an RL me look. I think maybe I SHOULD get a pink cardigan, just to jazz my look up a bit. Oh and I’d probably not wear a shirt that showed my tummy! With a little luck and some shopping I hope I can find a cardigan like this ‘Elspeth’ one in RL! It’s gorgeous, and typical of the quality you can always expect from Artilleri. I paired it with uber useful Kala Ruffle shirt from BareRose after doing a bit of editing of appearance and making the sleeves tight and the ruffled sleeve prims smaller. For a bit of fun, I added my own mussed up set in Pink/Silver. My new hair release, the Trish topknot seemed to top off the oh so proper look completely. For added business flair, I pulled my NEW SLink two tone stillettos outta inventory and discovered I LOVE THESE SHOES as much as when I first snagged them. And last but not least. ******We interupt this post to send out a special appeal to Iki Ikarus of Dutch Touch. PLEASE do a WHOLE makeup line based on your group gift skin of recent memory******** Okay so really I IM’d Iki to ask about this skin, and she told me it’s closest to the Mauve skin line…..but…..I want this face!!! It’s ever so slightly different and only a skin crazy person would probably notice (Mouse=skin crazy person). I’m crazy about this skin, and I only have 2 makeups!!! Of course I’m not really asking Iki to make a whole makeup line just for me. No, I’d never do that….


Outfit Credits

Hair – Trish (Pale Brown) – Dark Mouse

Skin – Special #2 Caramel (Group Gift) – Dutch Touch

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Photoshoot Lashes – LeLutka

Jewelry – Mussed Up Set (Pink/Silver) – Dark Mouse

Shirt – Kala Ruffles (White) – BareRose

Cardigan – Elspeth (Pale Pink) – Artilleri

Pants – the Editor Pants (No.2 Pencil) – Pink Outfitters

Shoes – Felicia Heel Capped White – SLink

Poses – A variety from – Olive Juice

What the heck is going on at Dark Mouse? New stuff, that’s what!

YES! Finally – I gots a ton of stuff done. After the jewelry fair, I realized that I work much better by NOT doing weekly releases, which gives me more time to come back to stuff as I’m working on it, tweak and make changes that I don’t see if I’m killing myself to do weekly releases! I’ll almost certainly keep to this model – considering my RL schedule it works well for me! Soooo, what have I have got? I have 4 new hair styles, 1 new set of bangles, 6 belt sets – 4 brand new and 2 reworked and enhanced with better textures! YAY! I sort of ran out of Polish woman names for my hairstyles so I’m going with whatever comes to mind! My new hairs are Michelle, a loose bun with flyaway whispy tendrils everywhere, Jeanne, a longer messy style that looks like it was pulled back in a barrette for appearances sake, Trish, a topknot updo reminiscent of Breakfast at Tiffanys and Cyntra a high ponytail with lots of whispy stuff. I like them all, but I’m especially partial to Michelle. Due to popular demand, I made a set of bangles based off of my very successful Divine Deco set. Like all of my bangles sets, it comes with ‘over the top hoop earrings.’ I also made a ton of new belts! YAY! Fish scales, Vinyl fun, Leather Hip Hugger and Full of flowers belts – each have there own lovely qualities, I hope you’ll like them all. Like most of my stuff the belts are reasonably priced – $200L for 4 colors, attach at the stomach and pelvis and NOW have resize scripts (OMG MOUSE REALLY?) yes, really! I also reworked two of my most popular belts sets – Lots of holes and the Animal prints. Both sets are upgraded with two attach points and resize script, better metal textures and the Animal print set that now includes a ‘giraffe’ version. Here are the pics of my stuff! Here’s a teleport link to the Dark Mouse store! OH! I will be retiring my ‘Lagalicious Fashionista Belt‘ from the grid! Never to be seen again! I will be selling it in the store for $1L till October 31! Time to pick it up! BUT WAIT there’s MORE! I’m also a bit of a Halloween nut! While time and space prevent me from creating some uber cool haunted house in SL, I can contribute to the fun by giving away Halloween decorations for FREE! That’s right – starting today there is a pumpkin on the coffee table in the middle of my shop with a bunch of Halloween decorations tucked inside made by ME! Pick it up to decorate your home or store! So on to the pics! Take a look!












the road goes ever on

Feeling a bit pensive today, and just in general lately. Sometimes building in SL stops being a pleasure and becomes, well, a job. That’s when it’s time to go shopping, and ignore all the little projects. Generally if I don’t feel like doing something it doesn’t come out well. I’ve got a ton of new releases ready, but the ickiness of boxing and taking pics looms largely. So, I took a walk on the beach. For me, living in Northern California, the beach means rolled up jeans and a warm sweater. So, that’s what I’m wearing! I decided to take pictures outside the studio, today 😉





Outfit Credits

Hair – Michelle (Pale Brown) (Unreleased – will go out this weekend) – Dark Mouse

Skin – Special #2 Caramel (Group Gift) – Dutch Touch

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Jewelry – Peace on Earth Set (Silver) – Dark Mouse

Glasses – Skinny Female (Color change – Red) – HOC Industries

Sweater & Jacket – Tweed Jacket – **DP**yumyum

Jeans – Boyfriend Jeans (#2) – Maitreya

Sneakers – Slip ons (Color change) – Urban Bomb Unit

Poses – A variety from – My AO (I can’t remember but like Cova, Reel Expressions, etc.)

Come on, dive in the koolaid is LOVELY!

Hi! OH MY GAWD THE AGONY. I hemmed and hawed. I fought with myself. I tortured my plurk friends with my indecision. Then finally, I fell in line! Oh wonders of wonders I bought the fricken boots already. Well actually I bought them a couple of weeks ago but I’ve been just too damn greedy to share them till now. I totally rationalized WHY I needed these boots. 1) they are hot. 2) they come in brown 3) they are actually 4 different boots that you can change (I so admire scripty people) so totally worth the price 4) the service at Bax is uber cool 5) refer to reason #1. Dive in baby, the koolaid is YUMMERS! Oh along my recent shopping travels I came across this hot, hot, hot retro dress from Lost Dreams that absolutely required the boots. Nothing else would work! You see my issue here – I was FORCED to buy them. I should call this blog diary of a mad shopper. Oh and I’ve been building like a crazy person. I have a bunch of stuff that I’m slowly bringing towards completeness. Mainly hair and belts and maybe a new bracelet that people have been bugging me for. I’m wearing the new belt in the photo! YAY! It’s not released yet! BOO! Jewelry is my own Cascade of Beads set. Hair is from fri.day (will I ever remember the dot, gah). The skin is a group gift from Dutch Touch. I’ve been wearing it for DAYS now and think I’m in love. Fickle girl.


Outfit Credits

Hair – Neva (Thoughtful Brown) – fri.day

Skin – Special #1Caramel (Group Gift) – Dutch Touch

Manicure – Red – Chai

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Photo Shoot Lashes – Lelutka

Jewelry – Dark Mouse Cascade of Beads Set (Silver) – Dark Mouse

Dress – Retro Dress (Red) – Lost Dreams

Belt – Dark Mouse Fish Scales (Brown) – Dark Mouse

Boots – Prestige Boots (Brown) – Bax Boots

Poses – A variety from – LAP

Missing Buffy & Zombiefest

Today I realized I was missing Buffy. It all came about when I stopped into Olive Juice poses and picked up a bunch of lovely stuffage. One was the most awesome pose, a roundhouse kick. LOVE IT. But it made me sad, and I realized it was because I missed Buffy. I watched it religously – funny story – Our tv broke way back when on a Tuesday night and I MADE my hubby go buy us a new one so I wouldn’t miss Buffy that night. I stuck by it through season 6. I screamed, “OMG SHE KILLED HIM,” when Buffy killed her beloved Angel. Scared the crap outta everyone in the house on that one. I really need to get HBO. I could be watching True Blood, I suppose. What was the point of this post, oh yeah. Buffy. Missing it. Anyways. I’m a little late to the table on the whole Zombiefest thing! Zombiefest is an event in SL that is being held in conjunction with World Zombie Day, an event to benefit the Red Cross. I was TRAPPED in the wilderness for 3 days, and everytime I tried to run SL on my computer, the front desk would call my room and say, yo, sucking bandwidth much? My answer was, sucky internet much? GAH! It was torture. The people in the room next to me seemed to be having a long and protracted battle with a mouse. No pun intended. Anywho I really wanted to participate, and because I HAD so many requests, I decided to rework my Scorpion necklace for men. I’m last minute here but what the heck! Since all along it was intended to be an exclusive group gifty, I decided that male version would be for a good cause, the Red Cross. So go get your zombie gear on, hit the Zombiefest and give up your lindens for a good cause! You can purchase this necklace there! Here’s the slurl to get to the Zombiefest and purchase this necklace – 100% of proceeds will go to the Red Cross! The outfit is entirely me trying to get in the spirit of Zombiefest – the skin is from the ever fabulous, Mia Snow, most of the gadgets I dug outta my inventory.




Outfit Credits

Hair – Bilirubin (Blonde) – Gritty Kitty

Skin – Zombie Hunter – Mia Snow Skins

Tattoo – Rage – Etchd

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Photo Shoot Lashes – Lelutka

Jewelry – Dark Mouse Scorpion Necklace – Dark Mouse Exclusive Group Gifty

Glasses – John Lennon Style Glasses (Silver) – Dark Mouse

Armband – Maker has left SL

Gun – Apparently no longer available GAH!

Tanktop – Lil’ Miss Tantrum (Black) – Sysy’s

Pants – Lowrise Heavy Cargo Pants (Black) – BareRose

Boots – Neko Knife Grunge Boots – Maker has left SL

Poses – Alice in Wonderland & Various – Olive Juice