Divine Deco

I was fooling around one day with a sculpted prim – granted my sculpted prims skills are ‘coming along’ LOL so most days you can find me screwing with them. Since it takes me 4 times as long as anyone else to learn stuff, I have to give myself plenty of screwing around time. I’m a ‘oh, I get it’ kind of learner. I look at stuff repeatedly over a long period of time (and I do mean repeatedly) when suddenly a light goes on and ‘bing’ I get it. Any how, as I said, I was fooling around with a sculpted prim one day, and using a texture I had created to see how it would look on the prim when suddenly I did a repeat of the texture and ‘bing’ light went on. I was looking at a problem I had been considering for sometime – how to get a more realistic ‘marcasite’ texture effect on a prim. Suddenly I was staring at it. YAY! I immediately set about to creating a necklace in an Art Deco style that I admire most. The shimmery delicate effect of marcasite, a silvery black stone that was used in a lot of vintage jewelry and has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years. I wanted a necklace with this effect and I wanted it to have a tassel, another thing I’d been looking to do. And that’s how my most recent release, Divine Deco, was born. Cajsa was lovely and blogged it – we’ve had long discussions on her love for vintage deco jewelry. I wanted to show it off again! I love, love, love this piece. I love the fact that its creation came out of a ‘bing’ moment. For this post I wanted to pair it with a dress from PixelDolls, because I love all her dresses and had seen some on the feeds recently that caught my eye. I chose to go with the lovely ‘gala’ dress because of the colors, a striking red bodice that fades into a black full length skirt, and because the neckline worked well with my necklace LOL. I pulled some vintage pumps from Aphrodite Designs out of my inventory and a lovely ‘old school’ hair style from ETD that I feel is absolutely timeless – we need new hair from ETD! Finally – the base for ANY great look in SL a fabulous skin. I’m wearing the Horizon 3 Chai Nova skin from Launa Fauna which I was lucky enough to snap up while her weekend fatpack sale was on! No one, and I mean NO ONE does a matte lip like Launa. <3. OH – big important reminder! This necklace set and all my other new releases this past week are EXCLUSIVELY at the Jewelry Fair. Here’s a slurl to get directly to the show. Oh and I should throw in a mention about my pricing – not everyone seems to know. A single set from me is usually 150 or 200L. However – if you spring for the fatpack, it’s only 300 or 400L – which means you get one of the sets for FREE. So, buy the fatpack, it’s the best deal!


Outfit Credits

Hair – Aveda Short Crop 2 (Noir) – ETD

Skin – Chai NOVA Tone 3 [Horizon 3] – CHAI

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Photoshoot Lashes – Lelutka

Jewelry – Divine Deco (Silver) – Currently ONLY available at the Jewelry Fair!

Dress – Gala (Red) – Pixel Dolls

Shoes – Vintage Shoes (Black) – Aphrodite Designs

Poses – Almost Always – LAP

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I am the player of a game called Second Life. It's a lot like life and it's not a game....you can find my store, Dark Mouse Jewelry & Hair on MarketPlace (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/22159) now! I like to build stuff and shop.....a lot.

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