Dark Mouse at the Jewelry Fair!

Sooooo without further ado – I have my new releases for the jewelry fair. I really want to show them all to you, I have 4 new jewelry sets and 4 new sets of bangles. For those of you not in the know – I typically sell my sets with a necklace and earrings to match, in gold, silver or copper for one low price. I also sell bangles sets with matching earrings, typically highly detailed hoops of one kind or another. I want to say that well, I spent an awful lot of time on these items. The texture on the cascading bead set is well, a triumph of sorts for me. Yes I get excited when I create an awesome texture that I fall in love with…it’s true, I am a complete nerd. Please take a look and I’ve put a couple of shots out so that they hit the feed, but the majority of pics are after the cut. Since there are sooo many close up shots, I put those on my flickr page, go here to check them out! I pray the cut I put on the page works – if it doesn’t I beg your forgiveness! You can visit my booth at the fair by using this slurl!









Published by Mouse

I am the player of a game called Second Life. It's a lot like life and it's not a game....you can find my store, Dark Mouse Jewelry & Hair on MarketPlace (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/22159) now! I like to build stuff and shop.....a lot.

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