Jewelry Fair Time!

Hi all! It’s that time – Jewelry Fair time! The Fair starts on Friday, September 18. 100 jewelers in one place, all ready to show off their fantastic and newest stuff! I have a bunch of newness – and all of it is at the fair – I won’t have it in the shop for a bit! So go to the fair. Oh and I have a lovely little tidbit for you if you stop by my booth. See below for pic! Oh and last but not least. I REALLY, REALLY want to post pics of all my stuff on my blog. But it will dominate the feeds. Soooo, I’m going to put the pics behind a cut (I think…if I screw it up, I humbly beg everyones forgiveness). ***Edited to say – I’ll post all the pics on Friday.*****Be on the lookout! OH and for all the news and details on the fair – check out the website here!



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