a plurkadillo*

So if you follow me on plurk at all, you’ll realize how utterly boring I actually am. In any case, I’ve been whining about the cost of a certain pair of boots and after being convinced I needed them discovered that I cannot have them in brown – waaaaahhhhhh. Since I have the patience of a gnat, I decided I needed to go to plan b. You see I had this idea for an outfit, and it was coming along brilliantly till I got stopped at boots. And I wanted thigh high boots….and I wanted brown. Anywho here we are. I remembered than that I had these simply brilliant boots from HOC. At the knee I felt they were close to the look I wanted. But they needed to be dark brown. They are color change but the brown for color change was too light for me. I ended up choosing grey with a brown tint on it. I think it works. I found the jacket for this outfit at Lookr and love the blue and brown combination with the cuffs. The shorts I found because of the fabulous Beanie Canning, who somehow manages to locate the cutest things EVER! I saw them on her blog and had to have them. That’s about the time I became fixated on the boots LOL! I decided that the whole thing needed leggings. Jewelry is my own mussed up set, which seems to lend itself to a variety of looks. The hair is from Shag, the textures are simply yummy. The skin is a group FREEBIE from Chai. Look at this skin OMG and it’s a vibrant blue liner. For this look I went with tone 4, my old standby from the doubleshot line. I dunno the whole thing works for me! Hope it works for you!


Outfit Credits

Hair – Entangled (Espresso) – Shag

Skin – NOVA Freckled Tone 04 XOXO – CHAI

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Jewelry – Mussed Up (Copper/Black Glass) – Dark Mouse

Shirt – Celine (White) – Last Call (Only available at yardsales, etc)

Shorts – Button Pants (Black) – humming

Jacket – Orchid Indigo – Lookr

Tights – Leggings (Dark Brown) – Soxie

Shoes – Neo Boots (Grey w/Brown Tint) – HOC Industries

Poses – Almost Always – LAP

*a plurkidillo – an unaccountable dilemma that one plurks whiningly about.

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I am the player of a game called Second Life. It's a lot like life and it's not a game....you can find my store, Dark Mouse Jewelry & Hair on MarketPlace (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/22159) now! I like to build stuff and shop.....a lot.

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