And now for something completely different

I am bored today…oh so bored. HAHA, it’s my favorite EVER commercial from DHL – the french guy drinking coffee in a cafe, staring morosely at his packages to be delivered. I cannot for the life of me find a video of it online, so if anyone can, please send me the link! Anywho, what to do when bored??? Write a stream of consciousness blog post? No, go on a hunt! Yes, yes, I’m the first one to sneer at hunts, but this one (stepping stone hunt) is really, really cool. It’s amazing what a bit of quality control will do. Also, it re-introduced me to a store that I had almost forgotten about – DuckNipple. Sooo, went shopping and got this lovely little dress! Awesomely cute, IMHO. Soooo I have this old habit of working on a bunch of different things at once. Which at present, I’m doing. If all the planets align, I may manage to get it all out this weekend. In the meantime, I’ll simply tease everyone…erm I think – would love to know if I’m teasing lol. First up a new hair I’m working on. Still tweaking but I think the basic outline is in place. I have a necklace in progress and…wait for it….new belts. Jeez really? Yeah really, I’m stuck on the belts though. Oh and a shinier metal texture for the necklace…oh and a couple of more flexi pieces for the hair. Isn’t it great to be me? I apparently have too much on my plate! Ah well. It will all get out eventually. In the meantime I’m distracting myself with RL work and a mashup. This outfit is a bit goofy, but I dunno I like. I thought the tights would look cute with the dress, I’m wearing the Vint boots from Shiny Things, truly a beautiful boot. The purse is from Barerose, a great place for bags. Because on plurk, they understand how crazy I really am, I was able to buy the skin I’m wearing….don’t ask, but lets just say the Teena Basivi and Samara Barzane are the bomb LOL! I love this skin, it’s the dhR skin gorgeous purple doncha know…. I have to confess, the feet are not, erm, adorable. But the rest of the skin is! The jewelry is my own hearts and love pieces…Why would anyone combine orange and violet you ask? I am bored today…oh so bored..


Outfit Credits

Hair – Helena (Pale Brown) (Not yet available) – Dark Mouse

Skin – Gorgeous Purple Pale (F01-GPL-P-G-LB) – dhR Main Store

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Color Eyes

Tattoo – Naturaleza Tattoo – Designina (No longer available in world?)

Skinny Framed Glasses – HOC

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Jewelry – DM Hearts & Love (Orange) – Dark Mouse

Dress – Scoop (Violet) – DuckNipple

Scarf – Knit Muffler (Orange) – G*Field*

Bag – Crescent Green Bag – BareRose

Leggings – Knit Stockings (Brown) – Runo Runo

Boots – Vint Boots (Ash) – Shiny Things

Poses – Almost Always – LAP


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