New Whimsical Creation House

So one of the things I do to relax – as in mindless building – is build houses. I build a basic house, no kitchen or bath, etc., just for fun – to see how it comes out if I expand on an idea. So I built this house, I’m calling the Tahoe City. I played around with the textures, again just for fun, to see what I could do without being careful about prims too much. I’ve put it and my other houses out in the store, because I keep getting requests for them. I have them on Xstreet, but decided to just put them out for the heck of it. My houses are well… not fancy. I’m not a scripter, and hate to bother any of my scripter friends with them, so I have a open source door script on the doors – makes them owner only lockable, entry list, etc. The windows are either chat open/close or simply touch to open/close, no fancy security ;-). But this one came out rather nice, and my plurk buddies liked it! Here’s a slurl to the store if you want to pick it up.



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