New Stuffage at Dark Mouse & SALE!

Yes I’ve got some lovely new stuff! First off – a new jewelry set. I’m calling it Retro Daisies. This set is something I’ve had in my head for while, particularly the shapes of the petals, and the colors, which are black, white and pink. Pearls to be exact, mixed with diamonds. The silver texture on these is a bit different, I’m rather fancifully calling it mithril in my head. This is a big set – I can’t imagine anyone wearing all the pieces in one outfit, rather I imagine these pieces as strong accent pieces. I’ve also done two new hairstyles. I confess it takes me a bit of time to build hair. I can spend hours tweaking the location and angle of a piece. The odd thing (or normal depending on one’s perspective) about these styles is that neither contain any sculpties. I have nothing against sculpties, and I know they are the trend, but I usually just go where the build leads me, so no sculpties in the hair this time around. The first style is Celina, and fun updo with duel crazy buns. This is one of those, it evolved over time styles. The other is a wonderfully messy do, I’m calling Brygida, which features lots of loose strands of hair. I imagine this hair style on someone running to a show or something! All these new items are available in my main store in Taber. ALSO, I’m having a sale – I plan to retire some items and they are on display in my store in the center on a display rack, you can’t miss them. Jewelry sets for $50L and bangles and belts for $10L. Click this link for a teleport directly to the store!






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