the love affair continues…

So I’ve been in full blown shopping mode of late, and while I am building, the urge seems to come and go. There is a 50% off sale at Aoharu and I purchased this lovely dress. I HAVE no idea why I like this dress. Maybe it’s the innocent collar, or the sheer ruffled skirt, I just don’t know. I like it. There’s an additional ruffle that goes in the middle but I changed it out for my FABULOUS snake skin belt from Artilleri. I bought this belt weeks and weeks ago, and have been waiting for the perfect look for it. This is it! The black clutch is a freebie from BareRose that I won on the random prize orb (YAY FOR RANDOM PRIZES!). I’m wearing my own ‘mussed up set’ ‘black beaded bracelet’ and ‘hania’ hair. The shoes are from a fashcon vendor I’ve never heard of but like the look of, Mz Shoes. Lovely plaid chunky heels, and since there seems to be a dirth of shoe makers sans toes, I decided I had to get them! The socks are a group gift from the Miel, a much loved shoe maker favorite of mine now! Aren’t they adorable? Check out the lovely sculpty flowers at the top of the sock! Comes in 5 colors or so too! And finally, the love affair continues. So…I stalked Launa Fauna. Yep, totally fan-girled, moped and whined about my not being in the tester group. I haunted her plurks in plurk, bemoaning my fate! Finally she took pity on me and found a task for me! And the pay off was the beta skin for her new NOVA line!!! I was so happy I couldn’t speak for a second! erm type. I think everyone who reads my blog knows of my ongoing love affair with Chai skins. I have seriously loved them forever. Everything about them. I have the full line of the original Chais, the full line of the double shot, and well look forward to owning the full line of the NOVA. The beta skin is lovely, and dare I say, softer and more delicate than the double shot. The make-ups that Launa does for the line are, in my opinion, stunningly original and different. My all-time favorite is antique. In particular, I want to make note of the small of the back and knees which are perfection. Right now, the skins are in beta testing! But be on the lookout for the new release, I know I will!


Outfit Credits

Hair – Hania (Pale Brown) – Dark Mouse

Skin – Chai Nova Beta Version – Not yet available

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Diamond Girl Eyelashes – Talon Faire

Jewelry – DM Mussed Up Set and Black Bead Bangles – Dark Mouse

Dress – Tiered Doll Dress (Beige) – AOHARU

Belt – Snakeskin Sash Belt (Black) – Artilleri

Bag – Clutch Bag (Black) – Bare Rose


Shoes – Mz. France (Pink Plaid) – Mz. Shoes

Poses – Almost Always – LAP


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