On indulgence.

I really need to stop being addicted to plurk. Plurk is an insideous thing that worms its way into your life – you’re constantly asking yourself, ‘who’s on plurk?’ It also FEEDS your other addictions. For instance, my skin addiction. There I said it. (plurk woot icon here) I spied a skin I’d not known about on plurk and guess where I am in the next minute? Trying demos and whining about my linden balance! I im’d Lizzie who said, ‘do you love it?’ Erm yes, I do….’then buy it,’ she said. It’s mine! Yes I’ve indulged myself. I realized recently that skins are the things I like to buy the most. I love this League skin with a love that cannot be described. Oh this outfit! I’ve been wearing this for DAYS in various iterations. It’s all about the scarf wrapped around my waist. I saw the wrap in grey on Bronson Twine’s Blog and had to have for me! I was so relieved that the scarf came in various colors AND sizes – how convenient! I love stuff that is unisex and versatile. And the price was soooo reasonable. I’ve paired it with gold tights from Cupcakes and the Panoply vest from Night N Day, which I wear a lot but have never blogged! The shoes are my sandals from Shiny Things that I was reminded in plurk that I own! You can find me on plurk here. All in all a casual everyday look that I typically wear when I’m building stuff. Speaking of building stuff, I’m working on some new hair styles! Maybe next week I’ll be done. My RL has been a bit hectic. Sadly, the Hair Fair is over! All my hair fair styles are in the store for your lag free demo-ing pleasure! I’m wearing the Alicja style in dark blond for this outfit.


Outfit Credits

Hair – Alicja (Dark Blond) – Dark Mouse

Skin – Medium Misty (Golden Glow) – League

Eyes – Gold Flakes (Topaz) – Poetic Color Eyes

Tattoo – Wired Garden – Garden of Ku

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Jewelry Set – DM Star Flower (Gold) – Dark Mouse

Top – Panoply Goldy Long – Nyte’N’Day

Wrap – Stole Set/RPO (Orange) – =IZUMIYA=

Leggings – Leggings (Gold) – Cupcakes

Shoes – Jane Wedges (Rust) – Shiny Things

Poses – Almost Always – LAP


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