the joys of procrastination

Yeah so, I want to redesign my vendors – so I came up with this prototype I really, really like. It’s not that much different, just two prims less (I’m such a prim hog) and will allow me to put more styles out eventually. Yeah, so this means I have to switch everything over. Ack. So instead of doing productive work, I decided to screw around and put together an outfit! Then SL crashed and I thought, heck I can do a blog post too! Before the crash happened I was wandering aimlessly and wandered over to Koreshan and stopped into Etch’d, one of my favorite tattoo places! Got this great one, there are so many new ones, really, stop by. Then I saw the announcement for these new chinos at Zaara’s, and the adorableness had to be mine. I then started thinking shoes and something for my waist. Did I want sandals? maybe…, but after a bit decided to go look if ETD had anything, and went with these adorable trainers instead! The waist wrap is part of a ‘ribbon’ bikini from Runo Runo. I have to be honest, I really like stuff from Runo, but I always have to screw with it to have it look right. I adjusted the fit, size and the texture just a hint. Of course the price is so reasonable that I typically overlook this, but if you’re not adventurous with altering your stuff, you may wish to pass. On the subject of waists, I really wish I could have found a store that just did stuff to put around your waist, like a shirt or a scarf tied around your waist or something…YES that’s a hint! Finally I picked out from my inventory the dead useful and elegantly made racer back signature tank from Callie Cline, which not only works with this but with everything else too! As for the hair, of course it’s my Eva style in Pale Blond! You can find it right now at the hair fair, click on this link for a teleport.


Outfit Credits

Hair – Eva (Pale Blond) – Dark Mouse at the Hair Fair

Skin – Petal FREX Light Sunny (Pure 1) – Curio

Eyes – PC Eyes Summer (Smooth Hills) – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Glasses – Skinny Frame – HOC

Tattoo – Impact – Etch’d

Jewelry – DM Moonshine Earrings (Silver) – Dark Mouse

Tanktop – Signature Tank – Black – Callie Cline

Pants – Chinos (White)- Zaara

Waist Wrap – Ribbon Bikini – Runo Runo

Shoes – Demi Trainers (Black) – ETD

Poses – Almost Always – LAP


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