Please vote on this JIRA

Hello all! I normally don’t post these types of things, but I feel compelled. I’m not yet using Linden Labs latest viewer, I’m still on 1.22 because several of my friends who also use MAC’s have warned me NOT to upgrade to 1.23. As I hope you know by now, I make jewelry among other things. In the current viewer I am unable to select prims that are close to the chest attachment points. This includes prims that are attached close to the neckline up to just below the ears. My personal workaround is to attempt to select the prim by highlighting it OR jumping off the pose stand for a moment. Is this a pain in the ass? Why yes, yes it is. Why do I continue to build stuff? Because I love torture. But now – there’s a new problem. A problem that could potentially affect me and EVERY OTHER jeweler in SL. We all work with small sculpted and tiny or ‘tortured’ prims. Apparently the latest viewer will not show these prims, so if a customer attaches the necklace – the smallest prims will not appear correctly. LL does not feel this is an urgent matter and that it does not affect us. Read and vote on the JIRA here Read the comments by the Lindens, and consider – are jewelers in Second life being unreasonable for asking that something that has worked since sculpties were introduced remain as is? I don’t think so – IMHO – this is just ridiculous. Read the comments made by the Lindens (the griefing comment is especially amusing). This is not important to them. I’m stunned, astonished and disapointed. I wish there was something I could do. But all I can do is write this post and ask you to vote. Is this a big deal? I really don’t know – seems like it is to me.


6 thoughts on “Please vote on this JIRA

  1. I hope they will deal with this promptly! I hope,, that when they do fix it, that mountains and other big sculpts will not be messed up! lol.. it would be perfectly linden-esque to fix one thing while destroying another. Long live an accurate LOD factor.

  2. I want to vote and it won’t let me log in! *shakes fist at LL* You know they do that on purpose!

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