Feeling a bit tipsy

So I’ve been sitting here freaking out about the hair fair, so to calm myself down, I went shopping. I saw this top at BareRose, where I usually go when I’ve no idea what I want to buy….best place to go to set yourself on the right path. I also stopped by Nomine, there’s a specialty skin sale, though I’ve no idea how long it lasts and the skin I bought wouldn’t work with this outfit, so I’ll save that for later. Then I hit Skin Flicks – I’m still PISSED OFF that my skirt from here has VANISHED and left just an empty folder in my inventory but what can you do short of heading to South of Market and banging on LL’s fricken door? Not a damn thing. Oh yes, Mouse has consumed the better part of a bottle of excellent wine by herself! I stopped by Hibi’s shop to pick up her latest necklace, which is TOTALLY in and groovy and has simply NOT gotten enough attention IMHO. The fabulous sandals are Shiny Things….I can never have enough from here. I topped the whole thing off with my own Stefja hair which will be available at the hair fair! (omgomgomg). Oh! The skin is from dhR skins – which was featured on Juicy’s blog but I’m a bit too tipsy to find the exact link!


Outfit Credits

Hair – Stefja (Dark Blond) – Dark Mouse

Skin – dhr (Fo1-GGD-p-g-b) – dhR Skin

Tattoo – Tribal Sun Back & Belly Tattoo Set 2 – Ink Slingers

Eyes – PC Eyes (Easter Lilac) – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Jewelry/Accessories – PD ‘Beanie’ Groovy Set – Puarangi Designs

Shirt – Pendre Rose (RedRose) – ::: B@R :::

Skirt – BillyJoe Skirt (Orange) – Skin Flicks

Tights – Nylon Leggings (Dark Brown) – Soxie!

Shoes – Jane Wedges (Rust) – Shiny Things

Poses – Almost Always – LAP


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