Well we have a saying in my RL business…it’s called the seven “p’s.” Previous prior planning prevents piss poor performance. So by spending some time building and doing a lot of pre-planning, I managed to rebuild my store in 1 day! (Insert plurk banana dance here). I’m really, really pleased. The goal of the build was to provide me with a better area for the hair experiment, a better setting for my jewelry, and a build that reflects the things that I like. A big rustic looking building with a dreamy fountain was where I was going. A warehouse style interior that would allow me some space but not look like a giant box…etc. Enough prims leftover to build with – haha I actually found 350 unaccounted for prims (yes, I’m that messy)! So good things all around. I hope you stop by to check it out, but to encourage you, I’m having a MINI-HUNT! Yes, yes I normally hate hunts, especially doing them. But this hunt is fairly easy – I’ve marked 7 items down to $0L. Stop by! the hunt officially ends on Sunday, June 14! Here’s a slurl to the shop

New Dark Mouse Store


2 thoughts on “DARK MOUSE LIVES & Mini Hunt!

  1. Woot! It looks so nice, Mouse! And I can see it’s very “functional” and easy to browse (I LLLOVE large spaces, too).
    And the fountain with cute seats is lovely!
    Good job! (plurk dancing bananas) ^^

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