Dreams of Turquoise

Yeah so I went shopping at the new starlust sim, Ala-Mode, and was in immediate lust with this lovely dress by Kenzie Craven. See the whole lust thing works! It’s a really pretty sim, go now! Shop! I’ve paired this lovely dress with my new Adriana hair in pale brown, some leggings (what is it with me and leggings anyways?), and the ubiquitous funny girl flats by Periquita (I truly lurve these, there is no more versatile flat). I accessoried with my own turquoise jewelry in gold. The skin is new from Fishy Strawberry. This is awesomely lovely skin – and their group gift. I can hardly wait to see the rest!


Outfit Credits

Hair – Adriana (Pale Brown) – Dark Mouse

Skin – Daphne Latte Fishy (Brown-h) – Fishy Strawberry

Eyes – PC Eyes Summer (Caribbean) – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Jewelry – DM Turquoise Set (Gold) – Dark Mouse

Dress – Don’t Rain On My Parade Dress – Sea {a} – K&CO

Tights – Nylon Leggings Calf – Black –Soxie!

Shoes – Funny Girl Flats Black – Periquita

Poses – Almost Always – LAP


Lounging in comfort

Just another comfy outfit, I don’t think I’m in the mood for too dressy lately. I saw this gorgeous ‘Kare’ shirt on the feed – another BareRose bargain! I paired it with some new pants from Naive. I managed to get in on the gift bag sale at Cupcakes – where I scored this terrific seduction skin PLUS a $500L giftcard…it was one of those secret sales! YAY! I’m wearing my newest hair release, Zocia, in Pale Blond, I’ll be announcing this as released later on today, but it’s already out in the store so….! I love this look, it’s so comfy, laying around in the house with a glass of white wine and a good book kind of comfy. My own animal print bangles in Zebra, the shoes are Shiny Things flats. Oh hey, I need more shoes, but I’m not good with toes. Can I has more shoes without toes please? anyone? bueller?


Outfit Credits

Hair – Zocia (Pale Blond) – Dark Mouse

Skin – Seduction Cameo Delight – Cupcakes

Eyes – PC Eyes Summer (Hayfield) – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Jewelry – DM Animal Prints (Zebra) – Dark Mouse

Top – Kare Shirt (White) – BareRose

Pants – Cord Pants Loose (Black) – Naive

Shoes – Francoise Flats (Gray) – Shiny Things

Poses – Almost Always – LAP

going nautical or baby got butt?

Yes, I can get sucked into a trend, especially when I see something sooooo fun that I must buy, instantly! I saw this top at So Many Styles and it was mine. Do you ever just buy something and barely glance at the price? I was that way with this top, it’s so adorable. Haha about the title of this post…I realized in one of the photos my butt is prominently displayed but I like the photo, so I went with it! The hair is / will be a new release called Serafina, with a parisian style crocheted beret (color change, natch). I will release it and two other new styles this weekend. The skin is, of course Curio, and the first Curio skin I ever purchased (yes, I’m feeling nostalgic). The capris are new from Naive, and simply perfect, jewelry is Violet Voltaire and my own buckle bangles in red. The lovely tattoo is from Marly’s, the store from Marleen Vaughan, that is no longer open. I hate when exceptionally talented people close their SL shops. The shoes are from my favorite store for odds & ends, HOC Industries, called sneaker wedges – an absolute steal at $40L.


Outfit Credits

Hair – Serafina (Dark Blond) – Dark Mouse – NOT YET RELEASED

Skin – Lumine Sprinkles 1 – Curio

Eyes – PC Eyes Summer (Hayfield) – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Tattoo – Sailor Jerry’s Swallows – Marly’s (No longer available)

Jewelry – DM Buckle Bracelet (Reds) – Dark Mouse

Jewelry – Angel Set (Black/Black) – Violet Voltaire

Top – Striped T-Shirt (Red) – So Many Styles

Pants – Lara Capri’s (Brown) – Naive

Shoes – Sneaker Wedges (Cherry) – HOC

Poses – Almost Always – LAP

the joys of procrastination

Yeah so, I want to redesign my vendors – so I came up with this prototype I really, really like. It’s not that much different, just two prims less (I’m such a prim hog) and will allow me to put more styles out eventually. Yeah, so this means I have to switch everything over. Ack. So instead of doing productive work, I decided to screw around and put together an outfit! Then SL crashed and I thought, heck I can do a blog post too! Before the crash happened I was wandering aimlessly and wandered over to Koreshan and stopped into Etch’d, one of my favorite tattoo places! Got this great one, there are so many new ones, really, stop by. Then I saw the announcement for these new chinos at Zaara’s, and the adorableness had to be mine. I then started thinking shoes and something for my waist. Did I want sandals? maybe…, but after a bit decided to go look if ETD had anything, and went with these adorable trainers instead! The waist wrap is part of a ‘ribbon’ bikini from Runo Runo. I have to be honest, I really like stuff from Runo, but I always have to screw with it to have it look right. I adjusted the fit, size and the texture just a hint. Of course the price is so reasonable that I typically overlook this, but if you’re not adventurous with altering your stuff, you may wish to pass. On the subject of waists, I really wish I could have found a store that just did stuff to put around your waist, like a shirt or a scarf tied around your waist or something…YES that’s a hint! Finally I picked out from my inventory the dead useful and elegantly made racer back signature tank from Callie Cline, which not only works with this but with everything else too! As for the hair, of course it’s my Eva style in Pale Blond! You can find it right now at the hair fair, click on this link for a teleport.


Outfit Credits

Hair – Eva (Pale Blond) – Dark Mouse at the Hair Fair

Skin – Petal FREX Light Sunny (Pure 1) – Curio

Eyes – PC Eyes Summer (Smooth Hills) – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Glasses – Skinny Frame – HOC

Tattoo – Impact – Etch’d

Jewelry – DM Moonshine Earrings (Silver) – Dark Mouse

Tanktop – Signature Tank – Black – Callie Cline

Pants – Chinos (White)- Zaara

Waist Wrap – Ribbon Bikini – Runo Runo

Shoes – Demi Trainers (Black) – ETD

Poses – Almost Always – LAP

Squaaaa-weeeeee! Hair Fair’s Open!

Sooooo exciting stuff this morning! SL appears to be suffering from a case of indigestion, but even that can’t keep a good thing down! Hair Fair 2009 is FINALLY open. I wanted to thank everyone who has purchased one of my new hairs – it’s so inspiring to me that people actually want my stuff! It’s also great that the whole thing is for a good cause, Locks of Love. Everyone at the Hair Fair has out hair that the some of the proceeds from go to Locks of Love, including me! My style for a good cause is called Anka. The reality of Anka is that it’s sort of me in RL! Haha. I am the quintessential laid back California girl. I rarely dress up. I am always in jeans. If I’m wearing shoes, they are sandals. And since I have wavy hair (not curly, not straight, wavy to my everlasting despair) I normally pull it up in a ponytail on the top of my head with crazy pieces hanging out all over! Even the hair color is similar to mine in RL! This outfit in a total me. The gorgeously textured boyfriend jeans from Maitreya, had to be mine. As soon as I saw them on the feed, they had to be mine. The equally stunning button up blouse in cream from Zaara, dresses this up just a bit. Then my oldies but goodies sandals from GField pull it back down to laid back. Accessories are my own Speakeasy earrings in copper, Animal print bangle in Copper/Tiger and my John Lennon style glasses. The skin is the stunning Rockberry Uma in freckles the gift that just keeps on giving! Wham! Oh the tattoo is because it’s SL and I can do whatever I want! Visit my booth at the Hair Fair by clicking on this link and following the red beam to its exact location (well hopefully it will work for you, been broken for me ;-)). There’s also a freebie box in my booth with 3 of my hairs in different colors to give you a taste plus an extra little surprise in there just for fun.


Outfit Credits

Hair – Anka (Pale Brown) – Dark Mouse Hair Fair Release – Click here to Teleport to the Hair Fair!

Skin – F Light (Uma-Freckles) – Rockberry

Tattoo – Day of the Hummingbird – Garden of Ku

Eyes – PC Eyes (Summer Storm) – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Jewelry – DM Speakeasy Earring, Animal Print Bangles and John Lennon Style Glasses all in CopperDark Mouse Jewelry at Whimsical Creations

Shirt – Isis Shirt (Creme) – Zaara

Jeans – Boyfriend Jeans (#02) – Maitreya

Shoes – Wood Wedge Sandal – GF Field

Poses – Almost Always – LAP

Please vote on this JIRA

Hello all! I normally don’t post these types of things, but I feel compelled. I’m not yet using Linden Labs latest viewer, I’m still on 1.22 because several of my friends who also use MAC’s have warned me NOT to upgrade to 1.23. As I hope you know by now, I make jewelry among other things. In the current viewer I am unable to select prims that are close to the chest attachment points. This includes prims that are attached close to the neckline up to just below the ears. My personal workaround is to attempt to select the prim by highlighting it OR jumping off the pose stand for a moment. Is this a pain in the ass? Why yes, yes it is. Why do I continue to build stuff? Because I love torture. But now – there’s a new problem. A problem that could potentially affect me and EVERY OTHER jeweler in SL. We all work with small sculpted and tiny or ‘tortured’ prims. Apparently the latest viewer will not show these prims, so if a customer attaches the necklace – the smallest prims will not appear correctly. LL does not feel this is an urgent matter and that it does not affect us. Read and vote on the JIRA here Read the comments by the Lindens, and consider – are jewelers in Second life being unreasonable for asking that something that has worked since sculpties were introduced remain as is? I don’t think so – IMHO – this is just ridiculous. Read the comments made by the Lindens (the griefing comment is especially amusing). This is not important to them. I’m stunned, astonished and disapointed. I wish there was something I could do. But all I can do is write this post and ask you to vote. Is this a big deal? I really don’t know – seems like it is to me.

Seeing red.

Just a wee bit tired today, as I got stuck in the Las Vegas airport yesterday, my flights were repeatedly delayed. So I was just screwing around and put this outfit together while I was sitting in the airport doing nada. OF COURSE, I had my whole hair fair booth set up and ready to go, but didn’t realize that the fair was opening early for bloggers, etc…If you stopped by my booth and found all locked up tight, my apologies – it’s open now. I lurve this yellow dress. I got this not too long ago, I’ve no idea of course if it’s already been blogged it’s Whippet & Buck. Btw, the subscibe gifty for W&B is FRICKEN awesome. I’ve not blogged it here – it didn’t work with the outfit for me, but do stop by this lovely shop and check out everything. Truly the best system skirts eveh – if you’re not into a big butt, just put your butt sliders at 0! I paired the outfit with some color change pumps in yellow, and my own new hair, Nadzia in pale red! I rarely wear anything but blond hair but I was going for a bit of contrast, I’m hoping it’s not too much! I also pulled out another new release of mine, the Black & White pearls set – again for contrast! I think it works, if I’m totally wrong, ah well. The skin is Rockberry’s Uma in FRECKLES!!! I didn’t wear stockings as this struck me as the type of outfit that is dressy but springy and light and I would go bare legged in RL too. I know I break fashion rules a lot – are you not supposed to wear yellow with red hair or is that pink? Ah well I likes!


Outfit Credits

Hair – Nadzia (Pale Red) – Dark Mouse Hair Fair Release – available on Saturday!!!

Skin – C Light (Uma-Freckles) – Rockberry

Eyes – PC Eyes (Night Forest) – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Jewelry – DM Black&White Drama Set & DM Square Rough Gold Bangle – Dark Mouse Jewelry at Whimsical Creations

Dress – Bardot Tartan Tube Dress (GOLD) – Whippet & Buck

Shoes – Chunky Stiletto Pumps (Color Change Gold) – HOC Industries

Poses – Almost Always – LAP

Feeling a bit tipsy

So I’ve been sitting here freaking out about the hair fair, so to calm myself down, I went shopping. I saw this top at BareRose, where I usually go when I’ve no idea what I want to buy….best place to go to set yourself on the right path. I also stopped by Nomine, there’s a specialty skin sale, though I’ve no idea how long it lasts and the skin I bought wouldn’t work with this outfit, so I’ll save that for later. Then I hit Skin Flicks – I’m still PISSED OFF that my skirt from here has VANISHED and left just an empty folder in my inventory but what can you do short of heading to South of Market and banging on LL’s fricken door? Not a damn thing. Oh yes, Mouse has consumed the better part of a bottle of excellent wine by herself! I stopped by Hibi’s shop to pick up her latest necklace, which is TOTALLY in and groovy and has simply NOT gotten enough attention IMHO. The fabulous sandals are Shiny Things….I can never have enough from here. I topped the whole thing off with my own Stefja hair which will be available at the hair fair! (omgomgomg). Oh! The skin is from dhR skins – which was featured on Juicy’s blog but I’m a bit too tipsy to find the exact link!


Outfit Credits

Hair – Stefja (Dark Blond) – Dark Mouse

Skin – dhr (Fo1-GGD-p-g-b) – dhR Skin

Tattoo – Tribal Sun Back & Belly Tattoo Set 2 – Ink Slingers

Eyes – PC Eyes (Easter Lilac) – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Jewelry/Accessories – PD ‘Beanie’ Groovy Set – Puarangi Designs

Shirt – Pendre Rose (RedRose) – ::: B@R :::

Skirt – BillyJoe Skirt (Orange) – Skin Flicks

Tights – Nylon Leggings (Dark Brown) – Soxie!

Shoes – Jane Wedges (Rust) – Shiny Things

Poses – Almost Always – LAP