Dreams of Turquoise

Yeah so I went shopping at the new starlust sim, Ala-Mode, and was in immediate lust with this lovely dress by Kenzie Craven. See the whole lust thing works! It’s a really pretty sim, go now! Shop! I’ve paired this lovely dress with my new Adriana hair in pale brown, some leggings (what is itContinue reading “Dreams of Turquoise”

Lounging in comfort

Just another comfy outfit, I don’t think I’m in the mood for too dressy lately. I saw this gorgeous ‘Kare’ shirt on the feed – another BareRose bargain! I paired it with some new pants from Naive. I managed to get in on the gift bag sale at Cupcakes – where I scored this terrificContinue reading “Lounging in comfort”

going nautical or baby got butt?

Yes, I can get sucked into a trend, especially when I see something sooooo fun that I must buy, instantly! I saw this top at So Many Styles and it was mine. Do you ever just buy something and barely glance at the price? I was that way with this top, it’s so adorable. HahaContinue reading “going nautical or baby got butt?”

the joys of procrastination

Yeah so, I want to redesign my vendors – so I came up with this prototype I really, really like. It’s not that much different, just two prims less (I’m such a prim hog) and will allow me to put more styles out eventually. Yeah, so this means I have to switch everything over. Ack.Continue reading “the joys of procrastination”

Squaaaa-weeeeee! Hair Fair’s Open!

Sooooo exciting stuff this morning! SL appears to be suffering from a case of indigestion, but even that can’t keep a good thing down! Hair Fair 2009 is FINALLY open. I wanted to thank everyone who has purchased one of my new hairs – it’s so inspiring to me that people actually want my stuff!Continue reading “Squaaaa-weeeeee! Hair Fair’s Open!”