The world is not black and white

But of course, my jewelry is! So I mentioned in an earlier post that I had this idea for a new jewelry piece, and so I started working on it! I wanted to create something with a bit of bulk, but in the dramatic contrasts that can only be reflected in black and white. Oh I also wanted it to be pearls and diamonds and flowers. ACK. Anywho, I sort of had a head start on this piece in many ways. First off when I was making the pieces for the Fashion Designer’s Challenge, I made several different types of flowers in different designs. One of them was the abstract flower piece that is the central focus point of this necklace. I knew that I would use it for something, I just didn’t know what. While I think the ‘white’ of the white pearls part could be a bit, lighter (and I’ll probably work on that at some point) I really love the way that this turned out! I’m calling it black & white pearls, simply because I couldn’t come up with a name that reflected the black & white qualities of it (seriously, google: “black and white things” I could not call it the orca set haha). My plurk buddies gave this piece the thumbs up, thank you very much everyone, I can’t tell you how much your encouragement means to me. On top of this jewelry piece, I do have one new hair style release, I’m calling this style, Karolina. It’s a lovely style with two thick braids and summery straw hat (Color change!). The hat is a bit dramatic with a lovely flower brooch pinned to the center! This is a definite, “I’m too cute for words wandering through a field of flowers hat!” Anyway – these new items are available right now in my store! OH! I updated the FREEBIE box in my store!Here’s a taxi (erm slurl) to the store!







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