You know, I’m sitting here in my wee cafe to be (yes, yes, I’m putting in a little ‘hanging out area’ in the store as I move forward in the rebuilding of the darn thing). I spend a lot of time in SL obviously. I build, I hang out with friends, I change clothes, I blog. I am addicted to SL, I love it. But today is one of those days that just frustrates the hell outta me. First off. I’m changing my clothes (HA! first time in three days) and I settle on an all black ensemble (yes, I am and always will be a San Franciscan at heart), because it’s easy, and I’m not going to be blogging anything, I’m just building. I pull out my skirt folder, and try my old cake mini skirt. Yes, I love it. However the prim part is still tinted grey cause of an old SL bug, and when I UNTINT it, it goes wierd in my viewer – the back prim goes light, the front stays dark. Okay, can’t wear it. As I’m sitting here, I think, hmmm maybe I’ll add those springy flowers to the back yard that I got a ways back. Go to look for my landscape folder. It’s gone. Damn – did I delete it? Ack maybe I think. Damn was there anything I truly loved in it? Probably. But it’s so easy to accidentally grab and drag a folder in our inventories without realizing it. Okay back to the skirt folder, I can buy more landscaping. hmmm maybe my Pixel Dolls long velvet skirt. Then I realize, some of my skirts are missing. Oh the folders are there. Like my long blue Skin Flicks skirt. (yes, I love long swingy skirts). Folder is there, skirt gone. Then I start looking around. I logged out with 14K inventory items and now I have 13,400. This is just wrong. I guess I need to get second inventory, because I CANNOT rely on LL to run SL properly and protect my stuff. I KNOW THIS. But it doesn’t make it any better, being realistic and pragmatic. I just want my stuff. I could file a ticket, but why bother we all KNOW what they will tell me to do. There are other things. I build. I have a business. I am encouraged by LL to do these things (Your world. Your imagination) but I cannot select prims near the chest area using the regular client. This bug has been around FOREVER now. If you build jewelry OR hair for that matter, choosing a prim near the neck is a pain in the ass. These small annoyances are just that. Small annoyances…I mean it’s not like my hair is in my ass. Oh wait. It could be. Rant over. I feel better now.



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