Just a bit of newness at Dark Mouse

Yes, more new stuff. All shiny and bright and waiting to be snatched up. I’ve got 3 new hair styles, Anna: a long flexy doo with a high teased crown and a texture change headband. Hania: a updo with fly-away strands. Julita: a pulled up high pony tail with fringy, pointy bangs. Stop by the shop today to give them a try, demos are free. While you’re at the shop, join my group by clicking the subscriber and get a lovely little gift, that may just come in handy this summer. Oh on another note, I’ve joined the Designers Showcase Network, I invite you to give it a whirl. There’s a kiosk in my shop next to the subscriber – and I put in as my ‘sample’ a pair of my most extravagant earrings. You won’t get them right away – the whole point is to let you leisurely examine the cool stuff that the designers in the network sell with out the pressure of hunts, or lag – read the notecard! The reason I give away freebies is that I want you to like my stuff so much that you’ll come back and buy OTHER stuff. I’m just devious like that. A bit of cat and mouse, as it were (omg why couldn’t I stop myself!). I also UPDATED the lucky chair in my shop. Might be worth your while to wait it out! Oh! There seems to be some interest in the skins I wear in my ads – this time round, Anna is Rockberry ‘Uma,’ Hania is Curio’s ‘Lovely,’ and Julita is Celestial Studios ‘Vogue.’ Here’s your taxi to the shop!





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