Mecha Mouse

So, I did the Fashion Designer’s Challenge and damn, I was challenged! The brain child of Samsara Nishi, the FDC was a challenge in so many ways. I’d have to accept the challenge to make something I didn’t plan – someone elses challenge. Not knowing is the worst. The second horrible bit is wondering if you’re up to the challenge. The best part of the FDC was watching the other designer’s BE challenged. It’s hard to step outside of one’s comfort zone – not just for me. Danielle Harrop has a lovely shop, <a href=”Dani’s Fine Fashions“>Dani’s Fine Fashions but I don’t think she’s ever done anything like this! Her challenge was to create a Mecha Angel. I think she succeeded beyond her own expectations. The funny thing about a challenge is that your imagination is allowed to run wild. A challenge is what you think it is, what you imagine it to be. Textbook challenge: A test of one’s abilities or resources in a demanding but stimulating undertaking……and it’s always about putting yourself out there. I don’t know what a mecha angel is, so I googled it…i like this one. If I’m gonna be a mecha angel, this is where I’ll be, wondering where my next job will be, waiting for the phone to ring…



Outfit Credits

Hair – Elise K’s Choice (Greystone) – Exile

Skin – Character Skin – Rockberry

Eyes – New Edition – Black – Persona

Lashes – Vogue (Size1) – Celestial Studios

Jewelry – Eyebrow Bar & Snakebike Lip Ring (Silver) – Tousled

Outfit – Dani’s Mecha Angel for FDC – Fashion Designer’s Challenge Store & Dani’s Fine Fashions

Boots – Neko Knife (Black) – No longer available


Forgotten Frame & Feeling Cube Poser – Runo Runo
Phone – Ryutei-do – No longer available
Tulip Planter – Was in my inventory, apparently I made it! Not for sale.
Chandelier – :::QC Designs::::

Poses – Almost Always – LAP


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