MidSummer Amusements at the Fashion Designer’s Challenge!

So, did ya think that I had given up on jewelry what with all the hair flyin about? NO WAY! I still love making jewelry. I was invited not too long ago by Samsara Nishi to participate in her Fashion Designer’s Challenge! I decided to go for it! Challenged by something outside my comfort zone, you betcha! Invited to work with Clio Cardiff, the owner of Clio-Pret-a-Porter, in a quick minute, thank you very much! Scared outta my mind that I was not up to the challenge? Oh yeah. Anywho, I started working with Clio, and we hit it off right away. We were both seriously challenged. Clio was asked to make, and I quote, “an elegant clown outfit.” I was asked to make a jewelry set inspired by, “A midsummer’s night dream.” And then we had to find a way to make these two challenges work together. Oh did I mention we were both on vacation at the same time? It turns out that Clio and I worked well together. The end result is a fun and unique dress and some dreamy jewelry to go with it! Here are the pics of the jewelry, and then me, done up in our joint creation. A big shout out to Eolande Elvehjem and Samsara Nishi for being the inspiration behind it all! Teleport directly to the Fashion Designer’s Challenge at either the Road to Oz Sim Store or the Snatch City Store to not only purchase these lovely challenges from Clio and I, but to look at those of 35 other designers too! Oh and if you missed the fashion show, there’s another one on May 16, read about it here.





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