Painting the grid purple for RFL

Tomorrow’s the day to paint the grid purple. There are purple things being sold at 1/2 price, low cost and for free EVERYWHERE – so no excuse! Grab your favorite purple whatever and put it on! Show your support in the fight against cancer! Grab Jadwiga cheap in exclusive purple and do it tomorrow causeContinue reading “Painting the grid purple for RFL”

Playing dress-up & Fair warning!

Sometimes you just feel like playing dress up! I bought this dress some time ago – at Ibizarre, one of my absolute favorite stores. I’ve not really had an occasion to wear it to, so this is just for fun. I lurve this dress – the floating skirt, the tied halter top with the keyholeContinue reading “Playing dress-up & Fair warning!”

Days of wine and roses

Out and about shopping, which I do when the creative vibe fails to buzz. Finished a couple glasses of wine in the hopes of gaining some kind of buzz! Well I headed over to Royal Blue because after teasing everyone unmercifully, Marni Grut finally put her new stuff up for sale! I’d been teleporting toContinue reading “Days of wine and roses”

Just a bit of newness at Dark Mouse

Yes, more new stuff. All shiny and bright and waiting to be snatched up. I’ve got 3 new hair styles, Anna: a long flexy doo with a high teased crown and a texture change headband. Hania: a updo with fly-away strands. Julita: a pulled up high pony tail with fringy, pointy bangs. Stop by theContinue reading “Just a bit of newness at Dark Mouse”