Change is in the air! New Hair from Dark Mouse!

Soooo, in a rather public fashion, I’ve been talking about my foray into the SL hair market. I got a lot of input from my plurk buddies during the hair texture creation process, for which I am very grateful, in addition to the restraint my friends showed in not making fun of my initial attempts. I announced to my group my first three releases but wanted to hold off on announcing on my blog till I completed one more style that I had in the works and put together a lovely little freebie to thank everyone for their help! So here they are: Basha, Isabella, Jadwiga, Myshka and Katina. I hope you’ll stop by and check them out, or at least take a look at a demo! I’ve realized that I LIKE making hair as much as I like making jewelry. So all is good. Here’s a taxi to the store, stop by today and get the Basha style in ALL COLORS for FREE!.







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