Change is in the air! New Hair from Dark Mouse!

Soooo, in a rather public fashion, I’ve been talking about my foray into the SL hair market. I got a lot of input from my plurk buddies during the hair texture creation process, for which I am very grateful, in addition to the restraint my friends showed in not making fun of my initial attempts.Continue reading “Change is in the air! New Hair from Dark Mouse!”

Another favorite color.

How many favorite colors can one person have anyways??? Egad. Okay, so I LOVE skyblue and brown, especially together. But I also love orange. Orangey, coppery, brown is another favorite. I’m still poring over my ill-gotten gains from Zaara, haha! I had to have the white slacks. Gor-ge-ous. But then this orange, wondrously warm confectionContinue reading “Another favorite color.”

Vacation! Vacation! Vacation!

Hey there! Yep I’m going on vacation. While I MAY have internet (desperately keeping fingers crossed here), there is a chance I MAY NOT or that it will be spotty. As luck would have it, I have about 50 balls in the air right now. I’m working on jewelry for the fashion designer’s challenge (I’mContinue reading “Vacation! Vacation! Vacation!”