just me and a stool.

Oh yes, so it’s Sunday. I could be building. I could be boxing up stuff for my store. I could be torturing myself with photoshop. I’m doing none of those things. I’m just taking photos of me… on a stool. I love the new release from Artilleri! Oh yes, these pants are to die for. In yummy blue, with zebra print. Oh yes, look at the way they scrunch up on my tummy (that may be the second glass o wine speaking, but it’s my blog so screw it). Oh and the stool. Bunny. Hunt. nuff said, heck I shoulda done this one, it’s pretty good. Okay, this is nuts, but I love the way the top looks like a push up bra. The zebra belt. Just fun stuff! It JUST HAPPENS to match perfectly with my own zebra print earrings and catty eye glasses….Just saying. I am so lazy so here you go, Artilleri, Dark Mouse, Periquita, Curio, On the Cover.


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