Spring is sprung.

Yes, yes, I can now PROVE that spring is here, because I’ve had a non-stop sinus headache for 2 days now. That clinches it. I’m trying to keep my chin up (spring IS here afterall). I did a wee bit of shopping this morning, and I really do intend to hit the RFL clothing fair, but I just have not had the time! And, it’s over soon! Ack. Anywho, been busy in RL and also building stuff in SL. I have another new set I’ll release this weekend called, Burst of Color, basically again on the vintage theme and having a variety of multicolored stones. I paired it with the oh so sweet tank top just released by Gypsy Soul (I LOVE separates), my never fail me leggings from Dernier Cri, and a skirt from EMA that I bought ages ago, but is still a piece I just love. I could not find EMA in world, but did land in the creators pavillion which looks like I need to re-explore that whole place AGAIN. I added the anklet from Hibiscous Flossberg’s, Passionate Pink Gypsy Set (adorable! and all proceeds from the purchase of the set go to RFL) for a bit more color. Hair is by a new favorite TEKUTEKU, skin is, of course, Curio. This outfit combines, yet again, my favorite colors in life, brown and blue. I also love just the casual elegance of it. Outfit credits are below the pic.


Outfit Credits

Hair – odango2(cream1) – =TEKUTEKU=

Skin – Petal FREX Light Breeze (Robin’s Egg 1) – Curio

Eyes – PC Eyes (Night Forest) – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Jewelry – DM Burst of Color (Gold) – Dark Mouse Jewelry

Jewelry – Passionate Pink Gypsy Set Anklet – Puarangi Designs

Tank top – 75 Degrees Tank – blue – GypsySoul

Leggings – Leggings in Light Blue – Dernier Cri

Skirt – Wrap Skirt – EMA (okay I cannot find a location for them inworld. If anyone knows, please let me know.

Shoes – Wood Wedge Sandal – GField

Poses – Almost Always – LAP


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