Charlie’s Angels Butt

So I have not been blogging much of late. I’ve been building my little heart out. Doing all sorts of crazy stuff (well for me anyways). Got me to thinking – why do I wear the type of clothes I wear when I’m building? Typically, I wear something that is off the shoulder or neck, I’m bald or have the shortest hair I can find in my inventory and I wear my SLink skinny jeans. Then I thought, heck why have I never blogged these? I actually love them so much I went back and bought them in black. I literally wear these jeans everyday, and change the top so no one thinks I’m wearing the same virtual clothes everyday…omg I cannot believe I said that! It’s sadly true. When I’m in hard core build mode, I don’t leave my studio or just for a bit and I’m lamely dressed. No effort on outfit whatsoever, I had to go out to pay rents today though so, I made the effort. What is it exactly that I love about these jeans? They have ‘Charlies Angels Butt.’ No seriously!!! Not the new angels the old ones from the 70’s that I watched religously as an….erm 1-year old (what? sheesh!). I swear to you I was fascinated that anyone could have such a skinny butt. Anywhooo, I think that’s why I like these jeans. I hope Siddean will forgive me for calling them that 😉 ~ I am in a loopy mood of late. Since I was paying rent, I stopped into the Dernier Cri outlet at Tuli. I love this top simply because I like the layered look. The hair is, of course too Charlie’s Angelish to pass up, and a deal to boot. The skin is the FABULOUS, I can’t say enough about it, to die for, new skin from Curio. IT HAS DIMPLES!!!.. OMG. *runs to get paperbag* Seriously this is the coolest thing ever for me. Boots are the calf boots from ETD that I don’t wear nearly enough to equal their adorableness. Accessories (glasses, necklace and belt) are, of course Dark Mouse. Outfit creds after the pic.


Outfit Credits

Hair – Lily (Blond) – Dernier Cri

Skin – Petal Sunny Dark (Buttermilk) – Curio

Eyes – PC Eyes (Liquid Amber) – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Accessories – DM John Lennon Glasses, Lot’s o Holes Belt, Love’s Labours Lost Necklace in Gold Dark Mouse Jewelry

Shirt – Spotty (Aqua) – Dernier Cri

Pants – Skinny Jeans (Black) – SLink

Boots – Calf Boots (Black) – ETD – Will re-open soon.

Poses – Almost Always – LAP


3 thoughts on “Charlie’s Angels Butt

  1. I totally understand Mouse, they are my goto jeans. I just type “original b” into my inventory and there they are! They are what I chuck on in a hurry when I have to leave my skybox 😀

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