Poser Challenge: LAP


So I totally failed at the poser challenge – of course I wanted to do LAP and then Achariya Rezak beat me to it. This is so silly – the evening I planned to write up the post, I spent looking for hair to WEAR in the posting! I dithered so long that by the time I noticed the posting, I still was sans hair. I really wanted to do it, cause well LAP is my ‘go to’ pose shop for everything. Then Dove Swanson sent out her blogger appreciation poses and I thought, screw it I’m doing it too! In my early blog days, the reason I used Dove’s poses was simple. She had a ton of freebies set out in her shop and I had no lindens lol. Then as I continued blogging, I found myself continually using her poses for everything and purchasing fatpacks. I like the combinations of free heads and the ability to capture expressions on my av’s face. I like the various hand positions. I like everything. Now Dove has gone and done it, her blogger appreciation packs are awesome. However, as I found myself scanning through the poses and snapping pictures, I was drawn to my favorites. The classics: Hot Damn, Baby Got Back Too, Bashful The new favorites: Aw Cheese and Cute Charlotte. That’s what you see. Dove has a new bigger, huger shop now. I suggest you visit and check out her awesome styling at LAP. Other credits in the pics – the AWESOME new hair from Artilleri (Sabina II – blondes), from Dutch Touch the Silky Shirt (Dark Grey), the must have Cigerette Pants (Black) from Ingenue and finally the Flower w/o leaves flats from 50 flats, a freebie! All other accessories are from Dark Mouse.


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