Dark Mouse – New Stuff! Why not add a bit of color?

So after a bit of whining on plurk (it was mild, I swear), I’ve finally gotten my new releases boxed up, photographed and ready to go. It’s all about color, and bright, spring time jewelry. I’ve got three new sets, Flowers are Blooming, Burst of Color and Vintage Carnival. Each set comes in gold, silverContinue reading “Dark Mouse – New Stuff! Why not add a bit of color?”

Vintage Comfort in Multicolors

So, I have a lot of estate jewelry in RL. It’s both costume and real (mostly costume…). I have this one piece that drapes close to the neck and features a variety of semi-precious stones….I lurve this necklace, and I mostly wear it while casually dressed, because the variety of colors give it a ‘fun’Continue reading “Vintage Comfort in Multicolors”

Boot & Shoe & Jewelry SALE!!!

Hi all – yes, yes, I’m lagging in the blogging department. I’ve been working on this wee project you see, and it’s consuming all my time and attention. So I’m having a SALE! of soon to be discontinued items – got to make room for major NEWNESS. I have no idea how long it willContinue reading “Boot & Shoe & Jewelry SALE!!!”