just me and a stool.

Oh yes, so it’s Sunday. I could be building. I could be boxing up stuff for my store. I could be torturing myself with photoshop. I’m doing none of those things. I’m just taking photos of me… on a stool. I love the new release from Artilleri! Oh yes, these pants are to die for. In yummy blue, with zebra print. Oh yes, look at the way they scrunch up on my tummy (that may be the second glass o wine speaking, but it’s my blog so screw it). Oh and the stool. Bunny. Hunt. nuff said, heck I shoulda done this one, it’s pretty good. Okay, this is nuts, but I love the way the top looks like a push up bra. The zebra belt. Just fun stuff! It JUST HAPPENS to match perfectly with my own zebra print earrings and catty eye glasses….Just saying. I am so lazy so here you go, Artilleri, Dark Mouse, Periquita, Curio, On the Cover.



Dark Mouse – New Stuff! Why not add a bit of color?

So after a bit of whining on plurk (it was mild, I swear), I’ve finally gotten my new releases boxed up, photographed and ready to go. It’s all about color, and bright, spring time jewelry. I’ve got three new sets, Flowers are Blooming, Burst of Color and Vintage Carnival. Each set comes in gold, silver or copper. Sets are only $150L – a fatpack is ONLY $300L (that’s right you might as well buy the fatpack, tee hee!). Here are the pics – stop by the store! Here’s a taxi!







Very Casual Friday

Okay so I’d never wear this to work. But it’s great for the weekend no? TGIF!!! I did a bit of shopping yesterday, flitted about the creator’s pavillion – great stuff! Reasonably priced! Fun! What more can you ask for? I am really feeling colorful these days. I found these plaid tights at the creator’s pavilion – a fatpack of a gadzillion different colors for $50L? SOLD! The top is new from Ibizarre – I love everything she just released! It’s chiffon! It really looks like it too! Simply lovely. Rediscovering my Chai skin love – the skin is doe – I simply love the makeups from Chai. The flats are from 50 flats, a store which sells exactly what it says! I’ve been seeing bangs a lot in the fashion mags – I’ve no idea if plaid is in style right now, it just feels fun and fresh for Spring to me. Outfit creds are after the photo!


Outfit Credits

Hair – Eva (Gold Blond) – Maitreya

Skin – Chai Double Shot Doe – Tone 4 (Freckled)- LF Chai Skins

Eyes – PC Eyes Night Forest – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Jewelry – DM Flights of Fancy set in Silver & DM Sea Spray Bangles – Dark Mouse Jewelry at Whimsical Creations

Top – Chantilly Top (Aqua) – Ibizarre

Tights – Tartan Tights (Yellow) – !*G^G*!

Shoes – Flower w/o Leaves – 50 Flats

Poses – Almost Always – LAP

Spring is sprung.

Yes, yes, I can now PROVE that spring is here, because I’ve had a non-stop sinus headache for 2 days now. That clinches it. I’m trying to keep my chin up (spring IS here afterall). I did a wee bit of shopping this morning, and I really do intend to hit the RFL clothing fair, but I just have not had the time! And, it’s over soon! Ack. Anywho, been busy in RL and also building stuff in SL. I have another new set I’ll release this weekend called, Burst of Color, basically again on the vintage theme and having a variety of multicolored stones. I paired it with the oh so sweet tank top just released by Gypsy Soul (I LOVE separates), my never fail me leggings from Dernier Cri, and a skirt from EMA that I bought ages ago, but is still a piece I just love. I could not find EMA in world, but did land in the creators pavillion which looks like I need to re-explore that whole place AGAIN. I added the anklet from Hibiscous Flossberg’s, Passionate Pink Gypsy Set (adorable! and all proceeds from the purchase of the set go to RFL) for a bit more color. Hair is by a new favorite TEKUTEKU, skin is, of course, Curio. This outfit combines, yet again, my favorite colors in life, brown and blue. I also love just the casual elegance of it. Outfit credits are below the pic.


Outfit Credits

Hair – odango2(cream1) – =TEKUTEKU=

Skin – Petal FREX Light Breeze (Robin’s Egg 1) – Curio

Eyes – PC Eyes (Night Forest) – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Jewelry – DM Burst of Color (Gold) – Dark Mouse Jewelry

Jewelry – Passionate Pink Gypsy Set Anklet – Puarangi Designs

Tank top – 75 Degrees Tank – blue – GypsySoul

Leggings – Leggings in Light Blue – Dernier Cri

Skirt – Wrap Skirt – EMA (okay I cannot find a location for them inworld. If anyone knows, please let me know.

Shoes – Wood Wedge Sandal – GField

Poses – Almost Always – LAP

Vintage Comfort in Multicolors

So, I have a lot of estate jewelry in RL. It’s both costume and real (mostly costume…). I have this one piece that drapes close to the neck and features a variety of semi-precious stones….I lurve this necklace, and I mostly wear it while casually dressed, because the variety of colors give it a ‘fun’ aspect vs. dressy. Since I’m in the mood for lot’s of color right now – at least in my jewelry, I suddenly wanted to recreat it in SL, and I’m feeling springy. So there you go. I decided to go ultra casual with a yellow tied top from SLink, a yellow tank that actually goes with a Maitreya sweater and a gorgeous skirt from Luminosity which was one of the first things I ever purchased in SL! I miss Luminosity. The store is still there, so you can get the skirt, but no newness for a very long time. The necklace is called, Vintage Carnival and comes with matching earrings – I hope to have it out in the store this weekend, along with one other new release!..Outfit credits are after the photo.


Outfit Credits

Hair – Vasha (Strawberry Burnt)- ETD is closed for remodel and will reopen mid-March

Skin – Petal FREX Light Sunny (Pure 1) – Curio

Eyes – PC Eyes (Night Forest) – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Jewelry – DM Vintage Carnival (Gold) Dark Mouse Jewelry

Shirt – Tie Front Shirt (Soft Yellow) – SLink

Tank – Cami Yellow from Sweater – Maitreya

Skirt – Sela – Luminosity

Shoes -Sasy Chic – Aphrodite Creations

Poses – Almost Always – LAP

A bit o’color

I’ve decided that Spring is here and there’s no arguing with me about it. I’ve got a bit of color on my mind and I’m going with it. It’s making it’s way into all my thoughts and ideas, and I do believe I may have a crop of new releases this weekend. I FINALLY got into the clothing fair. All I really wanted was this dress. It’s Sysy Chapman’s Noa dress and it was only available at the fair, so off I went, even after being warned! I donned a system skirt dress, no shoes (I don’t know why, but if I’m going shoeless, I need to be in a dress ~ makes no sense, but there you go) and my lowest prim bob hairdo, and at an ARC of 316, off I went. The minute I got there I realized I could have gone draped in every piece of jewelry I’ve ever made, would not have mattered one whit. I could not move. I crashed. 5 times. Anywho. Long story short – the sim crashed, and I got in right after and had a cool 10 minutes to find Sysy’s booth, buy the dress and hi-tail it outta there. I saw it on the feed and thought it might look nice with a set I’ve been working on called, Flowers are Blooming. IT DID! Coolness. I sort of wanted a silver sandal to wear with these, but didn’t have one, so settled on the high heeled pumps that matched PERFECTLY. Matchy/Matchy? Mebbe. No stockings – please I never wear pantyhose in the Spring. New releases expect on Saturday. Oh tomorrow’s St.Patty’s Day. Besides being Italian, Polish and French, I’ve also got a bit of the Irish in me. If you’ve read this far, come by the store, I’ll have all green items marked at 50% off for the day. Outfit credits are below the pic.


Outfit Credits

Hair – Lily (Blond) – Truth

Skin – Petal Sunny Light (Sea Glass 1) – Curio

Eyes – PC Eyes (NIght Forest) – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Accessories – DM Flowers are Blooming in Silver (Not yet released)Dark Mouse Jewelry

Dress – Noa (Blue) – Sysy’s at the RFL Fair

Shoes – Chunky Stiletto (Color Change, shown in Blue) – HOC

Poses – Almost Always – LAP

Charlie’s Angels Butt

So I have not been blogging much of late. I’ve been building my little heart out. Doing all sorts of crazy stuff (well for me anyways). Got me to thinking – why do I wear the type of clothes I wear when I’m building? Typically, I wear something that is off the shoulder or neck, I’m bald or have the shortest hair I can find in my inventory and I wear my SLink skinny jeans. Then I thought, heck why have I never blogged these? I actually love them so much I went back and bought them in black. I literally wear these jeans everyday, and change the top so no one thinks I’m wearing the same virtual clothes everyday…omg I cannot believe I said that! It’s sadly true. When I’m in hard core build mode, I don’t leave my studio or just for a bit and I’m lamely dressed. No effort on outfit whatsoever, I had to go out to pay rents today though so, I made the effort. What is it exactly that I love about these jeans? They have ‘Charlies Angels Butt.’ No seriously!!! Not the new angels the old ones from the 70’s that I watched religously as an….erm 1-year old (what? sheesh!). I swear to you I was fascinated that anyone could have such a skinny butt. Anywhooo, I think that’s why I like these jeans. I hope Siddean will forgive me for calling them that 😉 ~ I am in a loopy mood of late. Since I was paying rent, I stopped into the Dernier Cri outlet at Tuli. I love this top simply because I like the layered look. The hair is, of course too Charlie’s Angelish to pass up, and a deal to boot. The skin is the FABULOUS, I can’t say enough about it, to die for, new skin from Curio. IT HAS DIMPLES!!!.. OMG. *runs to get paperbag* Seriously this is the coolest thing ever for me. Boots are the calf boots from ETD that I don’t wear nearly enough to equal their adorableness. Accessories (glasses, necklace and belt) are, of course Dark Mouse. Outfit creds after the pic.


Outfit Credits

Hair – Lily (Blond) – Dernier Cri

Skin – Petal Sunny Dark (Buttermilk) – Curio

Eyes – PC Eyes (Liquid Amber) – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Accessories – DM John Lennon Glasses, Lot’s o Holes Belt, Love’s Labours Lost Necklace in Gold Dark Mouse Jewelry

Shirt – Spotty (Aqua) – Dernier Cri

Pants – Skinny Jeans (Black) – SLink

Boots – Calf Boots (Black) – ETD – Will re-open soon.

Poses – Almost Always – LAP

Boot & Shoe & Jewelry SALE!!!

Hi all – yes, yes, I’m lagging in the blogging department. I’ve been working on this wee project you see, and it’s consuming all my time and attention. So I’m having a SALE! of soon to be discontinued items – got to make room for major NEWNESS. I have no idea how long it will take me though, so the sale stays till I’m ready – then these items are GONE forever. YES I’M USING ALL CAPS TO EMPHASIZE A POINT! Anywho, stop by today – jewelry sets as low as $25L and shoes and boots for ONLY $10L. Fatpacks for ONLY $50L. Below is a small depiction of SOME of the stuff on sale!Here’s a teleport directly to the store!


Poser Challenge: LAP


So I totally failed at the poser challenge – of course I wanted to do LAP and then Achariya Rezak beat me to it. This is so silly – the evening I planned to write up the post, I spent looking for hair to WEAR in the posting! I dithered so long that by the time I noticed the posting, I still was sans hair. I really wanted to do it, cause well LAP is my ‘go to’ pose shop for everything. Then Dove Swanson sent out her blogger appreciation poses and I thought, screw it I’m doing it too! In my early blog days, the reason I used Dove’s poses was simple. She had a ton of freebies set out in her shop and I had no lindens lol. Then as I continued blogging, I found myself continually using her poses for everything and purchasing fatpacks. I like the combinations of free heads and the ability to capture expressions on my av’s face. I like the various hand positions. I like everything. Now Dove has gone and done it, her blogger appreciation packs are awesome. However, as I found myself scanning through the poses and snapping pictures, I was drawn to my favorites. The classics: Hot Damn, Baby Got Back Too, Bashful The new favorites: Aw Cheese and Cute Charlotte. That’s what you see. Dove has a new bigger, huger shop now. I suggest you visit and check out her awesome styling at LAP. Other credits in the pics – the AWESOME new hair from Artilleri (Sabina II – blondes), from Dutch Touch the Silky Shirt (Dark Grey), the must have Cigerette Pants (Black) from Ingenue and finally the Flower w/o leaves flats from 50 flats, a freebie! All other accessories are from Dark Mouse.

I swear I hate Pink, no really.

HEY! So I found this store last night – loving it! I’m sure others know of it’s existence, but for me it was like woah! The store is called, So Many Styles, which is an odd name but cool store. Bohemian stuff to the max – totally my kinda store. I bought a bunch of stuff and tp’d out before I lost my head entirely. I lurve stuff that it a bit off and unique – this skirt totally fits the bill there. Prices reasonable. All in all a great find. The skirt I’m wearing is simply adorable – though as always I’ll go with leggings on a skirt this short. The pink top with flowers just hits it for me, because it tones the pink down with the grey (seriously, I’m not a pink fan, I swear – I’ve only done like 5 pink posts haha). I paired it with my Vasha hair from ETD, another love, omg I cannot wait for ETD to reopen! Outfit credits below the picture.


Outfit Credits

Hair – Vasha (Strawberry Burnt)- ETD is closed for remodel and will reopen mid-March

Skin – Petal FREX Dark Breeze (Liquid Sky 2) – Curio

Eyes – PC Eyes (Night Forest) – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Manicure – Finger Nails (Coffee Bean) – Adam & Eve

Jewelry – DM Big Flower Set (Copper) Dark Mouse Jewelry

Shirt – Retro Flower (Pink) – So Many Styles

Tank – Essential Tank – (Midnight) Lala Foo Foo

Skirt – Tweedy Skirt (Brown) – So Many Styles

Leggings – Leggings (Black) – Dernier Cri

Shoes – Block Flats (Grey) – 50 Flats

Poses – Almost Always – LAP