Flights of Fancy – New Stuff!!!

So I’m on a tear with building, and literally the only thing slowing me down is the fact that I have to texture and package everything!!! Very frustrating! But I love my new stuff (I am invariably in ‘love’ with a new piece, then it fades and a new love begins, tee hee). This week I’m releasing 3 new sets. First off, Moon Shines, a lovely long beaded chain with a diamond moon centerpiece stone. Secondly, a bit of vintage whimsey, Spheres in Peridot, a circle of beads, that are almost a choker and tie in the back with a ribbon, they come with a perfect compliment – semi precious peridot stud earrings. Last but not least – Flights of Fancy. A delicate scroll work set necklace and earrings that ends up by being draped over the back. All the excuse I may need to dress up like a fairy haha! Stop by the store and take a look, and don’t forget, there’s a GREAT SALE on discontinued items! Here’ a teleport slurl directly to the store.











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