New Houses at Whimsical Creations!

So I’m being merciful on the Fashion Feed, and only showing a summary of my post there – plus this is not entirely fashion related (although having a fashionable home, blah blah ;-). You have to click through to my blog to get pictures of all of them. I have 8 new houses, I’ve retired all my old houses (boring!). I’m launching an entirely new line of houses, all the usual low primmage, but high on charm. Security doors and privacy windows – of course! These houses range from 50 to 100 prims each and are roomy and fun. I always design my houses keeping in mind that it’s more fun to furnish your house with tons of stuff, rather than have so much of a house that you run out of prims. Stop by my home store, Whimsical Creations for a looksee and teleport up to the display platform to see them in their full glory!



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