Flights of Fancy – New Stuff!!!

So I’m on a tear with building, and literally the only thing slowing me down is the fact that I have to texture and package everything!!! Very frustrating! But I love my new stuff (I am invariably in ‘love’ with a new piece, then it fades and a new love begins, tee hee). This weekContinue reading “Flights of Fancy – New Stuff!!!”

Sparkling Waters at Dark Mouse Jewelry

Okay lot’s of newness this week. Two new jewelry sets and bracelets with a bit of a twist. I have a new set that I personally just love! I’ve named it, Time Passes, and it’s a cute little hourglass (the sand inside is moving). As with most of my stuff, it comes in silver, copperContinue reading “Sparkling Waters at Dark Mouse Jewelry”