On Optimism

So I’ve been hooked on cable network news all weekend, watching all the festivities surrounding the inauguration of Barack Obama in the US, and feeling more optimistic then usual. You see by nature, I’m an optimist. I like bright, sunny things. Action movies with happy endings. Large family parties with goofy relatives (doesn’t everyone have a crazy uncle?). Puppies and rainbows, that so describes me. I drive my hubby crazy. The best argument we ever got in was while walking down a street in San Francisco, talking about a topic I cannot even recall, and I growl at him, ‘you’re such a fuckin pessimist’ to which he growled back, ‘you’re such a fuckin optimist,’ at which point we both burst out laughing, kissed and made up. So I cannot help but feel optimistic about the future of my country. On that note, I stuck it out at the lucky chair at Royal Blue last night, cause I REALLY wanted the great boots that Marni Grut made. About a week or two ago, there was a sale at Royal Blue – all the blue stuff was $10L. I bought all the blue stuff LOL. Lovely and imaginative clothing is the best description that comes to mind. So I was thinking about optimism, and feeling optimistic and remembered this great dress and there you go. Outfit credits are below the picture.


Outfit Credits

Hair – Cora Strawberry Burnt – ETD*

*ETD is closed right now

Skin – Chai Double Shot Celebrity Freckled – Tone 4 – LF Chai Skins

Eyes – Sour Apple (Normal White) – Chroma

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Nails – Manicure (Crimson) – Dlicious

Jewelry/Glasses – DM Loves Labours Lost Earrings/Catty Eye Glasses – Dark Mouse Jewelry at Whimsical Creations

Dress – River Boat Optimisiam – Royal Blue

Shrug – Button Sweater Shrug – Cocoa (tinted by me, orange) – LaLa FooFoo

Stockings/Tights – Knit Stockings Brown – Runo Runo

Boots – Heavy Metal Boots – Royal & Gold – Royal Blue

Poses – Various – LAP


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